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Booking rules

Use booking rules to regulate resource use by adding constraints such as a maximum booking length, a minimum booking notice or a maximum number of bookings per person. After you create a rule, you can apply it to specific groups, such as all staff or members of a web group.

  1. Go to your bookings page.
  2. Go to Manage resources > Settings:

    Manage resources menu

  3. Under the Booking rules section, select Add a booking rule:

    Add a booking rule button

  4. Select an option from the Rule type drop-down list:

    • Maximum booking length – the longest period of time that a person can book a resource for. When using this rule, pay attention to the slot length, which is defined in the Bookings settings. If the slot length is greater than the maximum booking length, those subject to the booking rule cannot book resources at all.
    • Maximum daily booking time – the maximum amount of time per day an individual can book a resource for.
    • Maximum booking notice – resources cannot be booked in advance of this notice period.
    • Minimum booking notice – resources can only be booked in advance of this notice period.
    • Maximum bookings per person – the total number of bookings permitted to an individual, including previous bookings. Deleted bookings do not count against the total.
    • Maximum simultaneous bookings at any time – the total number of bookings permitted to an individual for the same time slot across all resources.
  5. Choose the appropriate restriction from the second drop-down list. The options change depending on the selected Rule type.
  6. Select who this rule applies to: all staff and students; staff and postgraduate research students; all students; or a web group.

    Add a booking rule

  7. Select Add booking rule to save the rule.
  8. To edit or delete the rule, return to Manage resources > Settings. You can see saved rules in the Booking rules section:

    Edit or delete saved booking rules

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