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How do I see who has visited my website?

Use the Stats tab in SiteBuilder to view information on the number of students, staff or anonymous (not signed in) visitors to your website. You can also see whether visitors viewed your website on campus, in a University residence or off campus.
  1. Browse to your home page. (Alternatively, if you wish to view statistics for a particular page, browse to that page.)
  2. Go to Edit > View page statistics. A summary of statistics for the last seven days is shown on the Stats tab:

    Stats tab in SiteBuilder

  3. Select the period you wish to view statistics for using the From and To date pickers (up to a maximum of 180 days).
  4. The statistics show information for the current page and all sub-pages by default. To view statistics for your whole site, leave the radio button This page and sub-pages selected. Alternatively, to limit statistics to the current page, select the radio button Just this page.
  5. By default, SiteBuilder excludes visits by search engines and anyone with edit or admin permissions from the statistics. To include either of these, expand the Additional options and select the relevant checkboxes: Include search engines and/or Include editors.
  6. Once you have finished specifying the options, select the Show statistics button. The chart updates to show the total page views for the period you specified in step 3.
  7. Select the More detail link to reveal pie charts showing the audience and location breakdown.
  8. Hover over the segments in the Who? pie chart at the left to view the percentage of visitors who are students, staff, another type of Warwick member or anonymous (not signed in).
  9. Hover over the segments in the Where? pie chart at the right to view the percentage of visitors who viewed your site on campus, in a University residence or off campus (externally).

    Pie charts show breakdown of audience and location types

  10. To view more detailed information, select the breakdown links beneath each pie chart. Note that hourly breakdowns are only available for up to nine days' data.

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