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Issues with Library Search or e-resources will be posted here as we find out about them - if you are experiencing a problem which is not mentioned here please contact us.

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CAS SciFinder-n

Access to CAS SciFindern is demonstrating some temperamental problems. SciFindern requries users to create an individual account as well as authenticating through the usual Universitry of Warwick access route. Users are finding that after they have authenticated through Warwick and attempted to sign in with their CAS user account, that they are landing on a bank webpage that does nothing or an error 22 webpage. If you come across this issue then there are a few workarounds:


Refreshing the page

Refreshing the page a few times will sometime resolve the problem. This seems to work in some cases particularly, when there has been a long wait for the webpage to load. This usually results in one of four things:

  1. The same blank page (keep refreshing)
  2. An error 22 (try refreshing a few more times, if not then see Clear Specific Cookies solution further down)
  3. Try again option (select Try Again). This will usually work.
  4. Access works
Clear Specific Cookies

For Chromium browser users, there should be an icon in the URL bar at the extreme left. Please select this icon and a menu should appear displaying some options. One of these options should be listed as Cookies. Please select this and a Cookies in use popup window should appear. Select and Remove every single cookie folder or cookie listed, until it the whole list is clear. Then select Done. After these steps have been completed then please try to refresh the webpage again. The authentication process should start from the beginning and will not always work on the first go, however it will usually resolve the issue with a bit of persistence.

Use Alternative Web Browser

The issue seems to be more prolific with Chromium browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you have access to Firefox or Safari then please try to access the resource using these browsers. This might be a quick and simple solution.

Fri 01 Apr 2022, 11:47 | Tags: e-resources ongoing issue