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Make your work Open Access

What are the routes to OA?

There are two routes; Green and Gold.

Green OA, self-archiving, where an author deposits his/her article into a research repository at no charge. At Warwick, the Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) supports Green OA. This service is a platform where research outputs are available (usually the accepted version). The final version remains with the publisher. There are no charges to the author or funders with Green OA. The WRAP team check publishers' permissions to ensure compliance with agreements you have made with your publisher.

Gold OA refers to the Open Access Publishing Model. Alongside articles in a traditional subscription journal (known as hybrid OA) or in a journal that only publishes Open Access articles. Open Access articles are peer reviewed in the normal way, made freely available to the world immediately upon publication. Costs are covered either through a subsidy from an institution or professional society, the author or the author’s sponsor (employer, funding agency).

Funders, such as the UKRI, and Wellcome Trust, require researchers to apply a Creative Commons by Attribution (CC-BY) licence to the article.


Using the traditional publishing route, authors assign copyright to publishers through agreements they sign when their article is accepted for publication. (Authors should keep copies of all such agreements for their own future reference). This means that on publication all rights for this work go to the publisher.

In Open Access publishing Creative Commons Attribution licences are used. RCUK and COAF funded articles should be made OA with a (CC-BY) licence. The copyright of the article remains with the author. Such a licence means that the content can be reused in the widest possible sense by the author and others (as long as it is attributed to the author).

The University of Warwick's institutional repository, WRAP, allows deposit of journal articles with creative commons licences.

Funding available at Warwick


Follow the workflow recommended in our ‘Check Before You Submit’ form. This will help you work out the answers to these questions. 

The document is a form which you use to select answers to questions. Your responses will not be monitored and the form is for your use only.

Wellcome Trust

Please use the Plan S ‘Journal Checker Tool’ which includes all the information for Wellcome funded authors on the compliance of individual journals.

Contact openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk if you have any concerns about the compliance of your journal.

What happens after I have applied?

Once your application has been received, you will be advised if you have been allocated funds usually by the end of the next working day.

As the author, using a ‘read and publish’ agreement you must indicate to your publisher that you wish the article to go Open Access, requesting a CC-BY creative commons licence (the publisher will apply the licence, you need do nothing additional to apply for this) and there should not be anything further you need to do.

If you have been allocated funding for an open access journal you must indicate to your publisher that you wish the article to go Open Access, requesting a CC-BY creative commons licence (the publisher will apply the licence, you need do nothing additional to apply for this) and wherever possible request an invoice to be sent to your department. Some journals ask for credit card payments, this is something you will have to arrange with your department. Some journals charge for invoices, if possible, please avoid this extra charge.

The Library will obtain a unique cost code for the allocations of funds. The code is then sent to our departmental finance contact in order to process payment. The unique cost code should only be used against the APC for the specified article. Separate applications have to be made for each article you wish to go ‘open’.

Invoices should be passed to your department for payment.

Open access journals also generate invoices and request where these should be sent. Please give department details.

If you are not funded by UKRI or the Wellcome Trust you should still consider open access options.

‘Read and Publish Agreements’

Special agreements with publishers

The University of Warwick Library has Read and Publish agreements with several publishers. Some allow you to publish your articles open access without requiring further payment to the publisher. Others entitle you to a discounted open access fee / APC.

A full list of these agreements can be found in our Teams site

Enquiries about these agreements can be directed to Yvonne Budden, Scholarly Communications Manager, at openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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  openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Help and advice

On journal compliance and filling in the application form:
  openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk.

On depositing journal versions into WRAP:
  publications at warwick dot ac dot uk.

On managing the financial processes and internal recharges please contact your departmental Finance Team, or, openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk