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More Books

You are invited to request new books that will increase representation of all minority voices in our Library. We want our Library collections to reflect all students at Warwick and capture the lived experiences that are missing or overlooked in the standard curriculum.

Can you see yourself in our collections, or can you spot gaps in our holdings? Please send us your book suggestions and we will do our very best to buy them!

We have started to make some progress decolonising and diversifying our collections. We now need your help to ensure our collections are representative of the students that are using them today.

Request a book

Making a book suggestion is easy. Choose one of the following options:

  • Simply fill out the book suggestion form
  • Email us at morebooks at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Contact your  Academic Support Librarian who will be happy to help!
  • Fill in a post card – they can be found near the main Library helpdesk. Keep a look out for them around the University

We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible. We’ll always get an e-book version of your suggestion if we can, as these arrive quickly and can be used most flexibly. If we can only get a print copy, we will reserve it for you, and it will take approximately 4 weeks for the book to be available.

How More Books began

Quite simply, we listened to your feedback, and saw the NSS results – you told us that the Library had insufficient texts. But we didn’t know which texts were most needed. So, in 2018 we set about creating a scheme whereby our students could tell us directly which books they required to enhance their studies.

How has it worked so far

We first piloted this campaign from 23 January 2018 to 9 February 2018, calling out to all students to tell us which books were needed to enhance their studies. We received almost 200 requests in total, and spent nearly £10,000 during the three week campaign! We were impressed by the breadth and seriousness of the suggestions, and were very happy to receive positive feedback from participants.

We felt convinced that More Books – Your Books! was a good idea, and ran the campaign again in Term 2 and Term 3, 2019. In Term 3 we particularly asked for requests which would support initiatives across campus to decolonise the curriculum.

In March 2020, following the closure of all Library buildings due to the coronavirus outbreak, More Books – Your Books! became More Books – More E-Books! and students were invited to tell us which e-books they needed to support their studies. Over 1000 requests were received and processed, and we hope the e-books added to our collections will be useful for students now and in the future.

Find out more about the success of More Books – Your Books! at our #StudyBlog:

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