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Walk-in user e-resources

Suppliers have given walk-in customers permission to access the following databases, subject to their terms & conditions & subject to copyright law.

Please note the restrictions:

  • Access to e-resources, where licences permit, is provided on the single pc reserved for this purpose on Floor 1 of the University Library, to registered customers visiting the library in person
  • As the reserved PC is purely for walk-in customer access to permitted electronic resources, please note:
    • There is no general internet access, email or word processing
    • Printing or downloads are not available
    • CD roms or dvds may not be played on the walk-in user computer
    • Activity on the PC may be monitored by the University as permitted by UK legislation
    • Helpdesk staff are unable to offer in-depth support to external customers. Priority is given to providing services for University of Warwick staff and students
  • For more information contact the Digital Access Officer or telephone 02476 524653