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Senior Leaders


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Warwick Senior Leaders' Workshops: A development forum, predominantly for our Grade 9 roles.

This forum will enable the participants to self-identify key leadership learning themes. LMD will source the learning and include peer group learning, external expertise and support to enhance this group’s leadership toolkit.


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Bespoke support - contact us to talk through your performance ambitions which could include specialist external development, Executive Coaching or Mentoring support.

Coaching: Know You More (Executive Coaching)

Mentoring: Connectr (Internal mentoring), Whitehall & Industry Group (External mentoring).

Did you know we offer Apprenticeships?

We are also pleased to offer the 2 year Level 7 Senior Leaders programme which is funded using the apprenticeship levy. This is a more in-depth programme for people moving into a senior or strategic management role with responsibilities including setting strategy, direction and vision.

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