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Research Fish

Covid-19 update: response codes and submitting exception requests

What is Researchfish and why use it?

  • Researchfish is an online database which collects information about research outputs and outcomes. It is the world's leading service for the reporting of outcomes to enable research impact tracking.
  • All UK Research Councils (as well as a number of other funders, such as CRUK) are imposing sanctions for those who do not submit a full Researchfish report by the specified deadline, resulting in no future payments on existing grants and no further grant applications being accepted if a return is not completed. Read RCUK's Compliance and Responsibility page on the RCUK website.
  • Researchfish allows easy submission of research information on outputs and outcomes to individual funding organisations: UK Research Councils, Cancer Research UK, NIHR and many other public and charitable research funding agencies. It has been designed to allow researchers to report once across multiple funders, and to re-use their data.
  • UKRI and the research councils must demonstrate the value and impact of publicly funded research and training.

    This helps us to:

    • justify additional spending to government – and attract more funding for the research community
    • be transparent about what our funding delivers
    • effectively track and analyse the progress, productivity and impact of research
    • prioritise funding efforts to meet wider strategic aims or programmes
    • make research more visible and open to the public – through automatic publishing on Gateway to Research everyone can see what’s been funded and understand the benefit.

    The information collected is also used in many research council publications

  • Researchfish can be used to provide Warwick with vital information about the impact of our research.

Submitting your data

  • You should enter the relevant information into distinct output types and sections in your Researchfish portfolio. Download a copy of the questions set here.
  • You or a nominated delegate can add, edit and delete entries, which can then be easily attributed to one or more grant awards. (Giving delegate / research team access to ResearchFish (PDF Document) )
  • Only the grant holder can submit the Researchfish report. You must validate the data and click ‘Submit’ on the Submission tab within the designated submission period.
  • For most funders, you are expected to submit data once a year, during a defined submission period, although the system is open for data entry all year round.
  • You can only submit outcomes during the submission period. You can create, edit and attribute your outcome records in Researchfish at any time, and it’s good practice to keep them up to date.

Help and advice

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Latest News

The current submission period is 7 February-17 March 2022.

NIHR Guidance for NIHR award holders