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Important Announcement RE Erasmus+ Funding 2014/15

Dear Erasmus+ Outbound 14/15 students,

I am writing to ensure that you are made aware of the shift in the Erasmus+ funding for the current 7 year contract.

This year for the 1st year the University of Warwick has received a significantly lower Erasmus+ contract than bid for, which will result in less grant funds to distribute.

In order to absorb this shortfall and ensure that all University of Warwick Erasmus+ students are able to receive funding, the decision has been taken to reduce the maximum length of duration that we can fund from 10 months to 9 months for all students. Please be aware that all UK Universities will be handling this situation in the manner that best matches their own Erasmus+ cohort for 2014/2015, so other students may/will be paid in a different manner.

By taking this action we can confirm that you will receive your full Erasmus+ entitlement up to the maximum of 9 months.

This does not affect the process by which you will receive the grant and you are responsible for returning all of the relevant forms in a timely manner. To safeguard your Erasmus+ funds please submit your arrival form providing the most accurate start and end of placement dates possible so that we can reserve the Erasmus+ funds held.

We are expecting the funds to reach the University by mid-October however I would recommend that you make financial plans to cover until the end-November in case there are any unforeseen delays with receipt of the funds through the National Agency.

Please make sure that you submit/upload all of the required paperwork as soon as possible to ensure that we can process your grant allocation when the monies are received.

I do hope that this information helps to verify the position with regard to Erasmus+ finance and also helps you to plan for the first few months of your placement.

Wishing you a very successful placement.

With kind regards,


Amanda Ashby
Study Abroad Manager
International Office
University House
University of Warwick

STUDY ABROAD TEAM OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00, Friday 09:00 - 16:00