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Outbound Study Abroad 2015/2016 - Important Information for Start of Placement

Whilst you are making your final preparations to go on your Study Abroad year there are a few things that you need to remember:

• To submit your protocol form and for Erasmus+ students only, your Erasmus Grant Agreement, if you haven’t already done so. You can easily check whether you have done this by looking in your Unique Study Abroad Folder and cross referencing with the checklist relevant to your placement(s).

Do remember that at this time of year the Study Abroad Team is managing your cohort of 600+ outbound students, last year’s cohort of 550+ outbound students and the same two years inbound student cohorts of around 1200 students. Checking your file yourself is by far the quickest and simplest way for you to ensure you have submitted your forms. The Study Abroad Co-ordinators’ are working through the unique folders and will email if there are any issues or missing forms

• Your Placement plan will be required within 1 month of arriving at your host organisation, so make sure that you have a copy handy to get completed and signed off straight away. Remember your host cannot sign it until you arrive, as it also acts as evidence of your arrival at your placement;

• if you are studying and or working in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands or Spain and have not completed your 1st online linguistics test, please do this as soon as possible, this must be completed before you start your placement;

• we did provide information about a new initiative ‘The Study Abroad Information Booklet’ which is almost becoming a year book for Outbound Study Abroad 2015/2016. If you haven’t submitted your details and still want to be included please do so by the 31 July 2015. Do remember that whatever information you provide will be made available in this online booklet, so simply miss out the fields that you might not wish to share.

Very best wishes for a successful Study Abroad year, a very happy and restful summer vacation