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Arrival Placement Plan for Work

Please note that the Arrival Placement Plan:

  • MUST be submitted in the appropriate way within 30 days from the START of your placement.
  • MUST be fully completed and signed and dated by yourself, your Warwick Department and host institution
  • Typed signatures are not allowed. JPEG copies of written signatures are allowed.
  • Your host institution must sign this form within 30 days of the placement's start, but cannot sign before you start. Do not get them to sign it too soon.
  • Your departmental ACADEMIC study abroad coordinator MUST sign this form - NOT THE STUDY ABROAD TEAM.
  • If you are a language assistant with more than one school we don't mind which one signs (or if a body over your school, e.g. an academie, signs)
  • Work placement must be at least 2 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility if you are an Erasmus student.
  • This does not include any period of working remotely from home - you must be physically present in your host country, living away from "home" to qualify for the grant.

After a correctly completed Arrival Plan is submitted we will later be able to pay the initial grant instalment (the first 70%) to whichever account you instruct the Finance Office to use, if you're an Erasmus student. This payment usually reaches students around November.

Arrival Placement Plan for Work

Wording to be used for Language Assistants working in France, Germany and Spain