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Completion Placement Plan for Study

Please note that the Completion Placement Plan:

  • MUST be signed NO EARLIER than 5 days prior to the END of your placement and uploaded to evision
  • MUST be fully completed and signed and dated by yourself and your host university - ONLY hand written signatures accepted.
  • The start date on your completion plan should normally match the start date on your arrival plan
  • However it's fine for the end date on your completion plan to be different to the expected end date on your arrival plan and grant receipt etc.
  • For the 19/20 academic year only, the end date can include any period of distance learning at the end of your study placement due to the coronavirus
  • Page two is not necessary, it is replaced by a transcript - make sure that you inform your host that a transcript is required
  • Grant allocations will be re-assessed. If funding is available we will pay to a maximum of 10 months duration, however a calculation is done annually and it may be necessary to restricted durations to a maximum of 9 months in total to fund all participants

Completion Placement Plan Form

How to fill in your Completion Placement Plan correctly - please see an example here

Please follow the instructions above concerning your completion plan. Otherwise you could face long delays and/or reduction in the amount of your final Erasmus grant instalment. This form is for students on study placements, not work placements.