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Erasmus+ internships

What is an Erasmus Recent Graduate Traineeship? 

It is Erasmus+ funding that you can receive when undertaking a 2-12 month, international work placement in Europe within 1 year of the end date of your course.

What can I do? 

You may carry out a traineeship at any organisation in an Erasmus+ Programme Country (except for EU institutions, bodies and agencies). This excludes the UK, Switzerland, Monaco and similar small principalities, but includes Turkey.

When do I apply for funding? 

Traineeship must take place within 1 year of the end date of your course and you must apply whilst still enrolled at Warwick, Student Mobility need to have confirmation from the relevant academic departmental Erasmus co-ordinator prior to the end date of your course/last day of your studies as recorded on the central student database. Start thinking about this during your final year.


If the current circumstances continue, please do remember that if you are returning to your home, ‘working from home’ for your employer we are unable to fund the placement. If you are ‘working from home’ for your employer but have travelled to your destination country and can evidence accommodation and travel costs, we should be able to fund the placement.

Duration of traineeship

Minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months.

Warwick can fund a maximum of 6 months due to constraints on funds and to enable as many graduates to participate as possible. This funding is available on a first come, first served basis until available funds are exhausted.

Under the Erasmus+ programme students are eligible for Erasmus funding or maximum 12 months during the three cycles of study (Undergraduate, Masters or Doctoral). Therefore, during an undergraduate degree, you can receive Erasmus+ funding of up to 12 months whilst undertaking a study or work placement in Europe. If you have already received Erasmus+ funding for 9 months during your year abroad, then you are eligible for another 3 months funding for an Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeship.

How do I find a work placement? 

It is a student’s responsibility to source their own work placement. A good starting point is to check whether there are any opportunities that you are interested in on MyAdvantage.

Video of experiencing Erasmus+ Traineeship 

Watch here 

Find out more on EU webpages

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How to apply? 

Contact Student Opportunity, ( to register your interest.