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Photo Competition

End of Academic Year Photograph competition for Student mobility students 2021/2022, the winners in each category will receive a £20 amazon gift voucher

We are looking for some feedback from you. A chance for you to give us a taste of your placement.

This form has been opened for you to upload photos to be submitted in one or more of the four categories shown below, (there is no limit to the number of photo's you can submit):

  • Friends
  • Place
  • Work/Study
  • Volunteering

You can interpret these categories however you wish, all we ask is that you make sure that anyone on the photograph is aware that you will be sharing it with us, and that they agree to us using it for publicity, on the Student Opportunity website or in publications.

The form will be closed on 31 August and the photos will be uploaded to the student mobility website for voting. The photograph in each category with the most votes wins.


Please note that a Consent form must be uploaded with each submission, please see the pages below (

When carrying out a shoot or recording please ensure each individual who can be clearly identified signs the Photography, Film and Audio consent form for those aged 16 and over.

Tell us which of the categories you would like to submit your photos to
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