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Blind or serious visual conditions uncorrected by glasses

The Disability Team can support students with liaising with their Department to ensure facilities and resources are accessible and to put in place reasonable adjustments including alternative exam arrangements. We can also provide reading, notetaking and orientation assistance, support with scanning and enlarging text and help accessing the Disabled Student Allowances. We assist students in contacting publishers to request resources in accessible electronic formats and we also have links with local guide dog associations and other external organisations for Brailling.

There is a range of assistive software and equipment in the library such as large screen monitors, Kurzweil 1000, JAWS, scanners and OCR software. Additional information is available at the Library accessibility pages.

There are spending pen facilities on campus and the Disability Team can advise further.

We strongly encourage students to contact the Disability Team to discuss their individual requirements and preferred way of accessing information prior to coming to Warwick. As soon as you have enrolled on your course and met with the disability team your preferred way of accessing information and any accessibility requirements will be recorded by the Disability Team and communicated with your consent to your Department to ensure support is in place for the duration of your studies. You don't need to renew these arrangements every academic year unless you feel there is a need to review your support with the help of the Disability Team.