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Studying as a single parent


Currently in the UK there are approximately 2.9million lone parents; 86% of which are female lone parents. There are however no easily available figures about the numbers of lone parents who are studying either full or part-time. 

Being a single parent can be one of the hardest but most rewarding roles to have; so deciding to return to studying is a brave decision to make. You may already be working full or part-time whilst juggling childcare and running a home. The role of a single parent can be exhausting at times and so it is important to allow time for studying to fit into your already busy schedule. 

Here are some guidelines which may help you get the most out of your time: 

  • Establish who your support networkare, that may be family, friends, your child’s school or nursery.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may feel overwhelmed at times with the new commitments you are juggling.
  • Find a place to study that suits you both practically and logistically. The University Main Library has lots of quiet places to allow you to focus or you may prefer the Learning Grid in University House. Both giving you access to books, use of computers and multimedia resources. You can find out more about learning spaces and resources on the website at
  • The university also offer workshops to enhance your learning and offer you the skills to get the most out of your studies. You can find out about the workshops on available on the website at
  • Planning ahead – setting up a plan or schedule to give yourself time to both study and relax which is equally important to cope with your increased commitments.
  • Budgeting - you may need to review your current outgoings allowing you to plan for any future costs.
  • Time for you – you may not think you will have time for this but even ten minutes here and there with your favourite book or chatting to a friend can help. 

Other things to consider: 

Getting support within the university: 

Your personal tutor 

Wellbeing and Student Support (WSS): 

Other useful links: