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Personal safety and crime

Personal Safety

Campus is, generally, a very safe place with a low crime level. However, there has been a recent series of crimes taking place in the local area away from the University.

What is a hate crime?

Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

This can be committed against a person or property. Anyone could be a victim of hate crime.

Hate Crime Reporting

If you experience of witness a hate crime, you can report in the following ways:

Urgent police response required?

If you think you are in immediate danger right now, dial 999 (emergency services number for the UK) and request an urgent police and/or medical response. You should do this when:

  • An offender is still present and you are in danger
  • You or anyone else is seriously hurt
  • You think the offender may return

Please also complete the Incident Report Form if you have reported using 999.

Non-emergency police report?

If a crime has been committed and you wish to report it to the police, dial 101 (non-emergency number for the UK) as well as completing the Incident Report Form.

Wellbeing Support Services and the Students’ Union Advice Centre are both Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres and can support you to complete the report to either the University and/or the Police.

Please remember that the University and SU are here to listen and to support you. Please get in touch with us if you have experienced an incident or you have witnessed that has happened to somebody else. We can offer a range of support, discuss your options and ensure that you get any help that you need.

Please get in touch with us via the Wellbeing Support Services webpage if you have any questions or concerns.

Please do make use of our services created to help you feel safer in the local area:

  •   University Shuttlebus services are currently suspended 
  • Increased patrols of the local area by Campus Security
  • One to one bookable appointments with Wellbeing Support and the SU Advice Centre for support with any issues relating to hate crimes. The University and SU can support you with a number of issues from general wellbeing to discussing any potential impact these incidents may have had on your academic studies. Visit the Wellbeing Support Services or SU Advice Centre webpages to make an appointment to speak to an advisor.
  • There will be a safety drop-in session dedicated to WMG students taking place over the summer vacation – your department will be in touch in due course with further details.
  • Use the University-approved safer routes map

Here is what you can do to help keep yourself safe:

  • Travel in groups of two or more, even during daytime, whenever possible
  • Avoid dark and narrow alleyways and quieter areas even if it seems tempting to take a short cut
  • Even if it takes a little while longer, take diversions into more populated areas, if there is a suitable route
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times – do not use mobile phones/headphones whilst walking
  • Buy a small torch rather than using the light on your mobile as a torch
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash or valuable items
  • Save the number for the Police and Campus Security 024 7652 2222 to your mobile
  • Keep your phone secure in your pocket rather than in a bag, so that you can call the police
  • Call the Police on 999 if you have time, or raise the alarm locally by screaming/shouting/running, if you believe you are about to become a victim of crime
  • For more safety tips, visit the Campus Security Webpage
  • Sign up for WM Now to keep up to date with police community action, share information with local police and learn about community groups, events and meetings in your area.