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Warwick Print closure

The way printing services are provided at the University is changing. The in-house printing resource known as Warwick Print will be closing at the end of July. After this date, Warwick Print will no longer be available for printing needs.

How does this affect student printing?

For the most common printing needs you will be able to use the upgraded Kyocera multi-function printer/copiers located throughout campus.

Larger or more specialised print projects such as promotional items or bound publications will be handled through the University's approved print suppliers. Many offer advanced capabilities beyond Warwick Print's services as well as environmentally sustainable printing options.

For the rest of this academic year, the Warwick Print website will provide full details on which vendor to use for your specific printing need, along with instructions on how to place orders.

Friday 28 June is the last date for placing orders with Warwick Print and the team has asked people to be patient as turnaround times are likely to be longer than normal, so please give the team as much notice as possible.

The student printer credit system will remain unchanged. For larger or more specialised print projects, students are encouraged to use the University's approved print suppliers.

Thanks to the Warwick Print Team

We recognise that the closure of Warwick Print's in-house operation is difficult for those accustomed to their familiar service and that we will all need to adopt a new way to buy printed goods.

The University is grateful to the exceptional Warwick Print team who have made this transition possible through their commitment and hard work.