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Preparing for assessments

Academic skills

  • Academic skills pages have tips and advice on revision including resources and workshops.
  • Join an Exam revision workshop for tips on planning your revision; strategies for revision and creating revision notes; self-care during the revision period; and time management in exams.

Library events and resources

Students’ Union resources

The Students' Union shares advice on exams including tips on looking after yourself over the exam period and on how to prepare.

The SU also have a range of resources and tips to help you plan your revision and stay on track.

Student blogs


Combatting Exam Season

Jessica shares tips on preparing for online exams and on how to look after your mental and physical wellbeing during the exam period.

Well-being during exam season: balancing revision and relaxation

Annika shares tips to help you find a balance between revision and relaxation.


Revising for closed book exams – Maths and Statistics (VLOG)

Emily shares tips on revising for Maths and Statistics closed book exams.


How to manage a heavy workload

Deanna shares great tips on how to keep on top of and motivated with a heavy workload.