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Looking to apply for one of our part time undergraduate degrees but not quite sure what we’re looking for?

Most of our undergraduate courses don’t have any entry requirements. This means we look at each application individually and use the information on the forms to help build up a picture of each person. We don’t wait until all applications are in to make a decision so you’re not competing against others for a place.

If you’re applying for a course which uses our new online application portal, the portal will save your application as you go through it, so you can return to it as many times as you wish before pressing the submit button.

Tips for completing an application form:


If you have any certificates, GCSE’s for example, or perhaps you have done some sort of course as part of your work then please upload them as part of your application.

Educational history

Don’t worry if you haven’t studied since school, just note down on the form where and when you have studied before as this helps us to identify how long ago you last studied. Education has changed over the years, one such change is technology being used to help deliver teaching and what is being taught.

Employment/Professional Experience

Your experiences are what helps us to make decisions about the application. If you are currently working/volunteering or have in the past then let us know as this helps us to build a picture of you as an individual.

Personal Statement:

Why it is the right time to return to study for you?

  • Have your circumstances changed? Perhaps you know of others that have returned to study and you’ve been inspired by them.

What interests you in the course?

  • Describe how this course will help you to achieve any future career plans/future study plans.

What reading have you done on the subject that has interested you?

  • This doesn’t just have to be books. A lot of subject content is published online in news articles and discussion groups.

What experiences do you have that will help you on this course? This can be voluntary, work or life experience.

  • Examples include time management, working and looking after a family, taking part in sports clubs.

Handy tips:

  • Read through the final draft of your statement and check for any spelling mistakes.
  • If using a computer make sure that the spell check dictionary is set to English (UK) rather than English (US).


For guidance in choosing a referee, please see the following webpage. There are three types of referees explained: Character, Professional and Academic.


If you are going to apply for a student loan, under the “Funding” section of the application form please select ‘Self-funding’.

For information on funding your studies, please visit this webpage.

Key contacts and webpages:

  • Links to the application forms can be found here.
  • If you are considering returning to study on one of our undergraduate programmes and are unsure which course is best for you, you can book a call with one of our recruitment team here.
  • Stay updated with our course by joining our mailing list here.
  • If you have a question about a course you can contact us using this online form.
  • If you have any question about your application once it has been submitted, please email and remember to include your name and student ID (which you can find on your application form).

We hope you will find this information useful and look forward to receiving your application!