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Three female students from CLL discussing something from one of their laptops in a classroom setting

Read blogs written by our teaching staff on topics and events they're interested in, or by students who journaled down a specific topic during their learning. You can also find blogs written by our staff to help you prepare your applications for a programme.

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30 Jan

Have Coaches Forgotten about Congruence?

You are congruent when you are aware of your own feelings and ensure that words and actions are matched to these internal feelings. But has the origins of congruence and the importance in coaching been lost, and replaced by the need to enable the client to self-direct a coaching session?

27 Dec 2023

Coaching Presence and Use of Self

Use of self and coaching presence are terms often used by coaches, coaching authors, and coaching professional bodies, but what do these this mean? How do I ‘use myself’ and what is my ‘presence’? Is my ‘presence’, the same as being ‘present’?

13 Nov 2023

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: The Power of Coaching

Hear from Ian Day about his reflection on Imposter Syndrome and how Coaching can play a role in overcoming it.

01 Nov 2023

I can still recall the feeling of being totally out of my depth when the first client came through the door

Meet our new Assistant Professor in Careers Studies and Coaching courses, Lynne Campbell, who is revisiting her feelings from 23 years ago when she first started her career, as she now shifts her working identity to a career in academia.

10 Oct 2023

Student support for adult learners

Elaine Moore, Welfare Officer from the CLL Student Support team, unpacks an extensive list of tips and resources for lifelong learners.

02 Oct 2023

My lived experiences of learning, teaching, and counselling across borders

Dr Sonia Gallucci recently joined Warwick Counselling teaching team from Italy. Hear from Sonia what her background is and why she chose to teach here.

04 Sep 2023

Your role in working with children

Hear from Assistant Professor Rachel Strisino about the reasons to study towards a degree in Early Childhood.

07 Aug 2023

Perks of being a student ambassador

Hear from Jon about his experience of being a long-standing student ambassador at CLL.

Tags: students
10 Jul 2023

Unleashing the Power of Team Coaching: Ignite Collaboration and Success

Hear from our Coaching course lead Ian Day about team coaching - what are the benefits, and the skills required from the team coach.

15 Mar 2023

Application Tips for our Part-time Undergraduate courses

Read out guidance on how to make an application to study a part-time degree in Social Studies, Counselling, History, Classics, French and more.

10 Jan 2023

Start the year with a new direction? Read our guide to lifelong learning in 2023

In this blog, we debunk some of the common mysteries we hear about lifelong learning, and share some resources for you to start considering learning in the new year.

02 Aug 2022

Essential tips from CLL alumni

We have asked our very own alumni to pass on some wisdom. Here is what Clare Burrows, alumna from Early Childhood said.

Tags: alumni
15 Mar 2022

World Social Work Day 2022 ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’

Hear from Jim, Senior Teaching Fellow in Social Work talking about the role of Social Work in battling global crisis in an interconnected world.

08 Mar 2022

International Women’s Day 2022: Imagine a gender equal world

Nalita James, Director of Academic Studies at the Centre, looks at what gender (in)equality looks like in relation to the current world where Ukraine is pushed to the centre of war and conflicts.

Tags: staff
04 Jan 2022

The Metaverse and coaching

Facebook has recently renamed as Meta, as the internet moves towards the ‘Metaverse’. But what is the Metaverse and what are implications for coaching?

30 Nov 2021

The Great Resignation

What is the role of Coaching during the great resignation?

24 Nov 2021

Re-imagining Lifelong Learning in Higher Education

Hear from Dr Nalita James about her keynote speech in 2921 European Continuing Education Network Forum.

Tags: staff
16 Nov 2021

The Future of Coaching

We look at the history of Coaching in order to imagine its future.

09 Jul 2021

Unless you do set homework, your data isn’t going to show what you need it to show

A mixed methods study from Lisa Lane, a final year student on BA Early Childhood, exploring teachers’ perceptions and experiences of homework for children aged 4-11 years in one primary school in the West Midlands.

08 Jul 2021

Lifelong Learning and Me: Panel Event

Hear from Charlotte Jones, Director of Early Childhood programmes at Warwick about her reflection on play, drama and life in her recent teaching and student support experiences.

04 Jun 2021

Delight in the dreaded dissertation

“You’re still doing that dissertation?!”

18 May 2021

Nurturing an anti-racist baby

How we can approach this in Early Childhood, according to course teaching fellow Maggie Crowly.

18 May 2021

Safety, play and learning in the Early Years

Working with children, how do we ensure that children are enabled to understand a potential source of harm, a hazard and a risk, where the outcome of an action may have an adverse outcome? Hear from teaching fellow Rachel Strisino.

20 Apr 2021

Researching the factors influencing the provision of care services to palliative patients and their families

We caught up with Michael Adcock, a full-time social studies students, to hear more about his choice of dissertation topic.

Tags: students
20 Apr 2021

The interdisciplinary working of the Early Childhood programmes

Here, Charlie Howland, a current BA in Early Childhood student, writes a reflection on the ability of the course to support and promote interdisciplinary working.

16 Mar 2021

Does imposter syndrome ever go away?

Social Studies alumna Jules Sparkle talks to us about her imposter syndrome, Jeff, while she was doing her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in University of East London.

15 Mar 2021

World Social Work Day 2021

Ubuntu: I am because we are.

Tags: staff
12 Mar 2021

Dialogue and the art of listening

How does Coaching approach the art of listening?

10 Feb 2021

You are never too old to study

Age is no barrier as Graham started his degree in Social Studies at Warwick at the age of 62.

10 Dec 2020

The grounding I received at CLL has enabled me to approach my work with a critical eye

Victoria completed our Postgraduate Award in Careers Leadership in 2019 and set up her own business, because of the renewed confidence in her work she gained from the PGA. Hear what Victoria had to say about her time studying with CLL.

09 Sep 2020

The tutors on the course have been nothing but helpful

Kim Bailey completed our Postgraduate Diploma in Career Education, Information and Guidance in July. Here she shares her learning journey with CLL.

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