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Routes to an undergraduate degree

routes to a degree

We have a number of different routes for you to achieve an undergraduate degree.

If you don't have A-levels or Access qualifications, our 2+2 pathway could be perfect for you. If you're not sure whether you wish to study at degree level or if you'll have the time alongside other commitments and want to try a taster course with us first, then take a look at our Gateway to HE: Social Studies. This is an access level course, with no fees and it will prepare you with the skills and confidence for higher education study. Successful completion of the Gateway guarantees a place on our part-time degree in social studies.

Our part-time and foundation degree programmes provide an opportunity to fit study around work and other commitments, and may include an element of work-based learning.

2+2 degree pathway

If you don't have formal qualifications and wish to study locally for a university degree, this pathway is for you. The first two years of our BA (Hons) Social Studies are taught at a local college enabling you to gain the skills and confidence to prepare you for the final two years here at the University.

All students start with the BA (Hons) Social Studies and are then able to transfer to the more specialised BA (Hons) Health and Social Policy in your 3rd year if you wish.

Foundation degrees

These are part-time degrees with an element of work-based learning. You can complete these degrees in three years, and if you wish you can progress to an Honours degree.

BA Person-centred Counselling and the Psychotherpeutic Relationship

The brand new BA(Hons) Person-centred Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic Relationship degree will replace our popular and successful Foundation degree in Person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is now a four year course.

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Part-time degrees

A flexible programme which is structured in a flexible way, enabling you to study at your own pace (up to 10 years). There are a number of evening modules but you will need to be able to study daytime too if you wish to choose from the full range of modules on offer. We welcome your application whatever your background and experience.

There are a range of subjects you can study as a part-time degree:

*daytime study only

Undergraduate short courses

We offer a range of short courses, including Introduction to Counselling and Mindfulness.

Part-time and foundation degrees funding.

This video details funding that was available for 2017 entry. This page will be updated with funding information for 2018 entry as soon as it becomes available.


Funding your studies

To find out more about the funding available for each course, have a look at the University of Warwick funding information pages and, for part-time and foundation degrees, watch our funding video