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Routes to an undergraduate degree

BA(Hons) Early Childhood degree (part-time)

This offers you the chance to combine your study with work and family commitments. You might be an early years educator, parent, grandparent or health worker, or simply wish to extend your knowledge and understanding about Early Childhood. Our degree helps you to develop a range of academic, professional and key skills.

BA (Hons) Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic Relationship (part-time)

A four-year, part-time degree that helps you develop your academic, professional and personal skills in the Counselling field. Adapting a Humanistic and Relational core model, this course introduces a broad range of approaches and prepares you to work flexibly and thoroughly with clients.

BA(Hons) Social Studies (part-time)

A flexible programme, enabling you to study at your own pace (up to 10 years).

There are a number of evening modules, but you will need to be able to study during the daytime too if you wish to choose from the full range of modules on offer.

We welcome your application whatever your background and experience.

BA (Hons) Classics (part-time)

A flexible part-time programme enabling you to study at your own pace. The Department of Classics and Ancient History offers three degrees that can be studied part-time, and are designed to reflect your interests:

  • Classical Civilisation
  • Ancient History and Classical Archaeology
  • Classics

BA (Hons) History (part-time)

A flexible part-time programme which offers a broad introduction to the study of history by drawing on the strengths not only of the history department, a leading national department with expertise in a broad range of periods, but also of other departments which teach historical subjects.

BA (Hons) French Studies (part-time)

A flexible part-time degree which offers an in-depth, multidimensional knowledge not only of French language but also of French and francophone literature, culture, society, and politics.

BA (Hons) English and Cultural Studies (part-time)

A flexible part-time degree which offers the opportunity for a broadly-based study of English and culture. This degree also offers an excellent opportunity to develop foreign language skills.

BA (Hons) Social Work - Degree Apprenticeship

Study alongside work, with one day per week studying. Throughout your degree, you'll be employed by your current employer working as an apprentice social worker. Applications are made via your employer.

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