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Meet your Student Support Team

What do we do?

The Student Support Team supports the pastoral and academic needs of our diverse student body, including:

  • Supporting the academic development of undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Ensuring a learning experience of the highest quality, both at the University and in partner colleges.
  • Communicating with students in order to ensure a positive learning experience at CLL
Study Skills

Study Skills

  • Academic writing.
  • Critical thinking and reading
  • Giving presentations
  • Plagiarism and referencing
  • Using the library

Student Welfare

  • Your well-being
  • Looking after your well-being
  • Returning to learning
  • Parent and carers support

Technology & E-Learning

  • Digital skills mentoring
  • Your Warwick email account
  • IT training and workshops

Careers and Development

  • Careers planning
  • CV writing
  • Application forms
  • Cover letters
  • Interview tips

Who we are

Image of Jon Gough

Dr John Gough - Director of Student Experience and Progression

John’s role is to work in close collaboration with course teams to develop enhance the student experience from recruitment and induction through to graduation and the alumni. His key concerns will be:


  • Our pre-enrolment information
  • Providing an inclusive induction and orientation programme that provides a firm foundation for student success
  • Developing learners’ skills to progress on their course, including study skills and ICT/digital capabilities
  • Working with course teams to review, develop and enhance assessment strategies that are inclusive, innovative and robust
  • Monitoring students’ progression and supporting course teams to address any concerns or issues
  • Developing constructive and productive links between colleagues and students, including SSLCs
  • Helping to develop students’ employability skills
  • Enhancing our communication channels with students
  • Develop further our student support services, e.g., through offering a new student hub for drop-in queries


Dr Anil Awesti - Senior Tutor

Anil’s work as Senior Tutor focuses on leading on the pastoral support of CLL students. He is the first point of referral for personal tutors in resolving more complex student cases and is responsible for the effective operation of the personal tutor system. He provides advice and support to students directly if the personal tutor is unavailable/unable to support. In addition, he maintains awareness of and communicates University policies relevant to student support and advocates for the needs of CLL students to University bodies. As Senior Tutor, he also chairs CLL mitigating circumstances panels and adjudicates on undergraduate extension requests.


Image of Elaine Moore

Elaine Moore - Student Welfare Officer

Elaine’s work as Welfare Officer focuses on providing individualised pastoral support and basic study skills guidance for CLL students. This includes referral to Warwick’s Wellbeing and Student Support Services, such as Counselling, Disability Services, Student Funding.

Elaine can support CLL students with manging the balance between home and student life. This might include sessions on time management, organisation skills, transitioning and understanding the demands of academic life as well as hints and tips on how to effectively integrate academic study with everyday living as a mature or distance learner. Appointments with Elaine are on a one-to-one basis where confidentially is maintained and each appointment is unique to the individual needs of all CLL students.

As Welfare Officer, Elaine also receives and welcomes referrals from personal tutors when they believe that their tutees may benefit from some additional pastoral guidance or when students may need assistance on accessing additional support. She works closely with the Senior Tutor maintaining an awareness of relevant University policies to student support and advocates for the needs of CLL students.


Sam Walton - Student Engagement Coordinator

Sam is your friendly and dedicated Student Engagement Coordinator. With a passion for connecting students and fostering a sense of belonging within the university community, Sam thrives in the world of event planning. But that's not all Sam does. They're the go-to source for all things university-related, always eager to share information about upcoming university events that students won't want to miss. Sam also keeps everyone in the loop by sending out newsletters, ensuring that students are well-informed and engaged in campus happenings.

Furthermore, Sam is committed to enhancing the student experience by organising valuable training sessions and spreading the word about various student opportunities. Understanding that learning and growth extend beyond the classroom, he aims to empower students by providing them with resources and opportunities to help them succeed.

In a nutshell, Sam's role as a Student Engagement Coordinator revolves around creating a vibrant, inclusive, and informed university experience, all while maintaining a warm and approachable demeanour that makes students feel truly valued. opens in a new window


Sam Walton

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