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Student Stories

Three mature students in a classroom setting chatting and laughing together

Read the wonderful stories of our students. Find out about who our students are, why they are studying the course, and what their experiences and reflections are from lifelong learning.

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30 May 2023

I take immense pride in reaching this significant point in my journey

Hear from Mark how he utilised the breadth of topics, flexibility, and level of expertise on the Early Childhood course to support his work as an experienced SEN teacher and nurtured his aspirations for educational work on a higher level.

10 Jan 2023

From a single mom to a Warwick student in social studies: hear Cecile’s story

Happily studying a degree at University of Warwick and aspiring to study and work in an area she likes didn’t happen by chance for Cecile. In fact, it takes a chain of events and loads of encouragement, curiosity, and support.

04 Aug 2022

I returned to study Counselling again and I rave about it

"It is difficult, and it's work. But you know, when you just enjoy something so much, it doesn't feel like work, it's that kind of feeling."

11 Feb 2022

I look after myself more because of what I learnt

Hear from Social Work degree apprenticeship student Emma about how her degree helped her with self development.

10 Feb 2022

The questions that drove my studies

Hear from Social Work degree apprenticeship student Lil about how her study drives her work.

12 Jan 2022

A commitment to learning that is gently imparted in us

From Open University to Warwick, Jo's journey in studying Counselling has been full of wonders, even throughout the COVID pandemic.

07 Dec 2021

I knew I could, and I did

Hear from Social Studies student Lisa Kay about how she went back to education and thrive at the age of 50.

30 Sep 2021

Studying after the first assignment failed

"Four years later after that first assignment knocked my confidence, I am celebrating a 2:1 with SEND specialism." Hear from Sarah about how she gained confidence to study again despite the challenges she faced.

16 Jul 2021

How my initial enrolment at CLL has been a significant life event for me and my family

Alan started his Social Studies degree after years out of education, but now he's studying a PhD at Warwick. He's not alone when he managed to bring his wife onboard for lifelong learning...

21 Jun 2021

I was apprehensive because I had only GCSEs and no A-Levels but went for it anyway

Hear from Shaheen how she decided to make use of higher education from BA Social Studies to MA Career Development and Coaching Studies after she experienced some significant life changes.

09 Jun 2021

I've become more understanding, confident and inquisitive

Current Warwick Institute for Employment Research PhD student Jon started his exciting and rewarding student journey from our 2+2 Social Studies degree.

04 May 2021

I did wonder if I would be out of my depth

Hear from Laura Kirby, who is a first year student on our part-time Social Studies degree. She completed the online Summer Gateway last year which enabled her to progress onto the degree.

24 Mar 2021

CEIGHE made me a more confident and thoughtful practitioner

Hear from CEIGHE student David about how he grew his confidence to lead on changes at work from the course.

11 Mar 2021

The tutors are a delight

From a singer to a student, Matthew went for that career change that he wanted.

10 Mar 2021

I got the opportunity to realise my academic potential

Hear from Harriette about how her academic interests drove her to do a degree in Social Studies, and sparkled further interests in food systems.

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