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Dr Alan Dolan


Associate Professor, Social Work  

WCE1.13, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Westwood Campus

+44 (0)24 7657 3850

Degree Courses Taught

MA Social Work, Degree Apprenticeship



Alan is an Associate Professor and Director of Social Work in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. He has been at the University of Warwick for over 20 years. Alan spent 15 years within Warwick Medical School, where he was Senior Tutor for Year One students on the MB ChB programme and Module Lead for a number of modules on the medical degree. He was also involved in the design/redesign of the undergraduate medical curriculum. In addition, Alan was Module Lead for one of the core modules on the Masters in Public Health programme.

For the past 5 years Alan has been Director of Social Work within CLL. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Masters in Social Work (MASW) programme and also responsible for overseeing the new Degree Apprenticeship in Social Work (DASW). He has taken responsibility for curriculum change within the MASW and is currently Module Lead for three modules on the MASW. Alan also teaches on the Undergraduate module in Social Work.

In addition, Alan is an experienced PhD supervisor and has supervised six students to successful completion of their thesis. He welcomes enquires from students interested in undertaking a PhD in relation to a variety of topic areas including men/masculinity, childbirth/fatherhood, health and social work. Alan has also acted as an internal and external PhD examiner across a range of HEIs. He has a wealth of experience as a reviewer for a number of international peer reviewed journals and as an external examiner within other HEIs, He also has extensive experience of HEI programme validation/revalidation in the UK and Ireland.

Alan’s research tends to focus on men, masculinity and health. For example, his research has examined the on-going debates between neo-materialist and psychosocial explanations for current patterns of health from a masculine/gendered perspective. This research also sought to examine the intersections of social class and masculinity for understanding current patterns of working class male health and working class men’s use of healthcare services. His research has also explored the experiences of first time fathers regarding childbirth and the views of health professionals working in this field. This work has highlighted the ways in which masculinity positions and is used to position men within this arena. In addition, he is interested in the intersections between masculine and fathering identities and has carried out research among a group of fathers attending a parenting programme. Alan has also been awarded a prestigious grant from the ESRC to examine men’s experiences of infertility and infertility treatment. This project is also interested in the views and experiences of health professionals working in the field of assisted reproduction. Alan has appeared on Radio Four on a number of occasions to discuss his research. He has published extensively within a range of international peer reviewed journals and his h-Index is 10.

PhD Supervision
Potential PhD candidates are welcome to contact him regarding research proposals related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Inequalities in health
  • Men, masculinity, infertility, childbirth, fatherhood

Recent publications

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