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Dr Caroline Jones


Dr Caroline Jones

Honorary Associate Fellow

Visiting Academic, Early Years Programmes

caroline dot jones at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Caroline Jones is an honorary teaching fellow on the Early Years Programmes at the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Caroline has worked in a variety of roles, at the University of Warwick since 1994 and was rec

ently appointed as an Honorary Associate Fellow. She started her career teaching in special and mainstream primary schools and went on to study her Masters and PhD in Education, at Warwick. Caroline has worked closely with the DfE in the development and delivery of Early Years Foundation and Early Childhood Studies Degrees. She was the Course Director of the FdA and BA in Early Years Professional Studies, in CLL, from 2001 to 2015. She also lectures on M.A. programmes and supervises Ph.D students. Caroline is an honorary lifelong, founder member of the Foundation Degree National Network and a Visiting Professor at the University of Ibn Zohr in Morocco. Her research and publications include works on inclusion, early childhood education, leadership and special educational policy. She established her own group of nurseries in 1989, and is a former nursery inspector. Caroline continues to share her expertise at a national and international level providing advice and support in developing countries.

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