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Professor Christine Harrison

Christine HarrisonProfessor, Social Work Group
Director - Centre for the Study of Safety and Wellbeing

MA (Warwick) CQSW (CCETSW) PhD (Warwick)

WCE1.8, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Westwood Campus

+44 (0)24 7652 3541

Degree Courses Taught
MA Social Work
MSc Community Child Health

I am currently a Professor in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. I am a qualified and experienced social worker and have co-ordinated and taught child care and child protection social work at qualifying and post-qualifying levels for the last 25 years. I regularly teach on programmes for other professionals, including health professionals, in the Medical School and elsewhere. Over recent years I have participated in social work teaching at qualifying and post-qualifying levels, and other forms of pedagogy, in Iceland, Australia, Jordan, Taiwan, and China.

I am also Director of the Centre for the Study of Safety and Wellbeing (SWELL). This centre specializes in developing research which has an overarching interest in social justice and social divisions and takes a critical approach to policy and practice with children, young people, families, violence against women, women and perpetrators. It applies feminist, child-centred, youth-centred and anti-oppressive understandings to relevant areas of research and theory. Many of the current projects relate to violence against women, child abuse and child abuse prevention programmes. This is an active research centre attracting research funding, PhD students and running a seminar programme within the Centre for Lifelong Learning. It provides the framework for continuous research, policy and work towards adoption in practice of research findings with a range of stakeholders from women’s organisations to government departments.

Research related to physical, emotional and sexual violence towards women and children, and the issues this raises for promoting their safety, is a theme running throughout various aspects of my work over recent years. I have undertaken teaching and developmental work in Thailand and Iceland on these issues and attended a European Hearing in the Internet and Child Safety. My most recent work has focussed on domestic violence and child contact and the ways in which new information and communication technologies are being used to abuse women and children. I was a research member of the Coordination of Action on Human Rights Violations (CAHRV), sub-network 3 (which focuses on gender-based human rights violations). I am a member of an international research group related to child homicide.

I have considerable experience of PhD supervision and have supervised 9 students to successful completion, including ESRC collaborative and international students. I have acted as an internal examiner and external examiner on numerous occasions, also including on an international basis.

Research Interests

  • Feminist perspectives on child abuse and child protection
  • Working with parents and children in public care
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child homicide in the context of domestic violence
  • Images of child abuse and new information and communication technologies

Recent Publications

Harrison, C. and Thiara, R. (2012) ‘ Children and young people affected by domestic violence: the role of schools in promoting safety, wellbeing and protection’, in Purdy, N. (ed) Pastoral Care 11-16: A Critical Introduction, London, Bloomsbury Academic

Harrison, C. (2008) ‘Cyberspace and child abuse images: a feminist perspective’, Affilia

Harrison, C. (2008) ‘Implacably hostile or appropriately protective? Women managing child contact in the context of domestic violence’, Violence Against Women

Harrison, C. (2005) Damned if you do and damned if you don’t? The contradictions between private and public law in responding to children living with domestic violence’ in Humphreys, C. and Stanley, N. Domestic Violence and Child Protection: Directions for Good Practice

Current Research Projects
Evaluation of the Gateway Programme, with Dr Ravi Thiara - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Funded by: Cheshire West & Chester Council, Project Start Date: 01/04/2013 Project End Date: 30/09/2013

Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy for Warwickshire, with Dr Ravi Thiara - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Funded by: Warwickshire County Council, Project Start Date: 01/03/2013 Project End Date: 30/06/2013

Other Publications and Reports

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Dale, J., Harrison, C., Humphreys, C. and Spencer, N. (2001) Child Protection and Health: A report of a seminar held part of a consultation exercise about supplementary guidance to Working Together, University of Warwick on behalf of the Department of Health.

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Harrison, C and Pavlovic, A. (1995) ‘Working in partnership with lost parents’ in Argent, H. (ed) See you soon: contact with children looked after a by local authority, London, BAAF.

Harrison, C. (1999) ‘Children being looked after and their sibling relationships’ in Mullender,

A. We are Family: Sibling Relationships in Placement and Beyond, London BAAF. [pp96-111] (book chapter)

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