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Craig Whisker


Craig Whisker

Assistant Professor, Counselling and Psychotherapy

Craig dot Whisker at warwick dot ac dot uk
WE0.43, CEDAR Building, Westwood Campus

Craig Whisker, PhD, Registered Psychodrama Psychotherapist, Certificated Psychodramatist and Educator with the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association.

Craig's teaching focus on Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (lecturing, tutoring individual students, assignment marking, dissertation supervision, student placement coordination, personal development group facilitation, practice development group facilitation, curriculum development, research, and publication.)

"I am a New Zealander in the UK for the foreseeable future broadening my professional and social development. My professional background is in child and family mental health as a Family Therapist, and later in private practice as a group and family psychotherapist. From 2021-2023 I was Psychotherapy Professional Leader at the Auckland District Health Board. I am currently working at Warwick 4 days per week and in private practice as an adult psychotherapist on Fridays.

My areas of research interest are group psychotherapy, particularly group dynamics and personal development groups; group work therapy and practice integration; application of action methods to psychotherapy; group work effectiveness research."

Relevant publications

Whisker, C. (2023) Two men, two homes, AANZPA Journal, 32, 53-64.

Whisker, C. (2022) Tauhara encounter: Reflections on a residential psychodrama group session, AANZPA Journal, 31, 67-79.

Whisker, C. (2022) Opportunities and challenges for psychotherapy in Aotearoa New Zealand’s new health system: A 2022 national District Health Board psychotherapy workforce survey and related discussions, Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa New Zealand, 26(2), 31-60.