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Dr Steven Gascoigne

Assistant Professor, Lifelong Learningprofile.jpg

Room WCE0.11, Lifelong Learning Building, Westwood Campus
+44 (0)24 7657 3616

Steve Gascoigne was a toolmaker working in the automotive industry before coming to university later in life, this fostered his interest in adult education. His research interest is in comparative social policy with a particular focus on post-war Sweden and Britain. He has investigated the role of public welfare in reinforcing labour market participation during the post-war period.

PhD Supervision
Potential PhD candidates are welcome to contact regarding research proposals related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Social Policy
  • Comparative Welfare State Studies
  • Labour Markets
  • Unemployment Policy


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Gascoigne, S (2012) ‘Judgements in Justice and Labour Market Reactivation: A Swedish Historical Case Study’, in De Leonardis, O, Negrelli, S & Salais, R (eds.) Democracy and Capabilities for Voice. Brussels, P.I.E. Peter Lang.

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Gascoigne, S (2009) ‘Sweden’. Reports on the reconstruction of six historical cities following periods of crisis, CAPRIGHT Work Package 4 Deliverable.

Gascoigne, S & Whiteside, N (2009) ‘The Promotion of capabilities in Sweden: a case study of the contraction of shipbuilding in Gothenburg’. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 29 (11/12).