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Meet our Student Ambassadors

If you attend an event here at CLL, or out in the community, you might meet our friendly team of student ambassadors.

Sam Jackson

Sam JacksonHello my name is Sam and I am in my first year of the Social Studies 2+2 course. I chose this course as I am looking to broaden my job prospects. For the first two years, I am studying Sociology, Health and Social Policy, Politics and Research.

I find it interesting how these subjects interlock, and have developed my understanding of how society has progressed into what we know today. My reasons for becoming an ambassador are to encourage more people to look at higher education as an option and to help overcome any preconceptions they may have.

Jon Winfield

John WinfieldI am a 2+2 student in my 4th year of a BA (Hons) in Social Policy. I chose this course because it provides me with a wide and varied range of subjects I can study and flexible timetables. I am in year 3 of 4 and this year I’m studying modules in Research, Politics, Critical Issues in Social Work and Widening Participation in HE.

I am really enjoying all the modules and I’m mixing with a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional students. I am finding being a ‘mature’ student is no barrier. Even with a 30 year age gap between myself and some of my fellow students, this hasn’t been a problem. I really enjoyed the two years at my local FE College which have really prepared me for life on a university campus.

I have been an ambassador since 2016 and I feel that it is a really useful way of being able to pass on real-life experiences of the 2+2 course and student life. When I was looking into the course I found talking to students felt much more informative than just reading information online.

Sue Adcock

Sue AdcockMy name is Sue Adcock and I am studying PGDE (FE and Skills) after graduating with a BA (Hons) in Social Studies on the 2+2 Degree Pathway. I left school disillusioned with what the education system could offer but still with an ambition to teach. The 2+2 gave me the opportunity to gain a degree, without requiring the formal qualifications to gain entry to the course. Though since starting, I have also gained my Maths GCSE.

I became a student ambassador for CLL during the summer term of my first year. This role has been a joy. As an Ambassador for the department, I have attended festivals and events across the county and helped at open days and open door sessions. The best feeling is when I recognise faces of people I have spoken to at an event who have started a course, and I feel proud that I have had a small part to play in their being at Warwick.

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Rachel Thompson

Rachel ThompsonI am in my first year of MA Social Work after graduating with a BA (Hons) in Social Studies on the 2+2 Degree Pathway. I chose this degree because I wanted a career change from my role in administration. I decided to be student ambassador for several reasons.

Firstly, it is a great way to meet new people. Secondly, for me it is a way of speaking to people about the university and about the courses that CLL deliver and to help people to realise that it is possible to study later on in life as a ‘mature student’. I also like to help talk to people who may share the feelings I have used in the past to put off going back into education or worry about whether they will be able to achieve a degree. Thirdly, the money helps, as I do not have any other job while I’m studying.