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Celebrating 30 years of the 2+2 degree pathway (1991-2021)

A group photograph of three female graduates

A few words from Course Director for the 2+2 degree pathway...

"The University of Warwick, Centre for Lifelong Learning, is proud to be celebrating 30 years of the 2+2 degree pathway, which takes a holistic and individualised approach to learning within higher education. Highly qualified tutors strive to nurture the personal, professional and academic identities of the students, who are placed at the heart of the teaching and learning experience. As such, the degree programme provides an inclusive and enriching learning space for all.

The Centre is immensely proud to say that thousands of students, who have often overcome personal challenges to achieve their goals, have graduated from The University of Warwick with this degree. The Centre also celebrates the work of its partner colleges, past and present, in supporting the 2+2 students with their first steps in returning to education.

This inspirational degree programme will continue to provide exciting, interdisciplinary opportunities for local adults who have not yet started their journey into higher education, therefore empowering them to achieve their aspirations. These aspirations often relate to highly rewarding careers in key services within the local community, including social work, policing, teaching, counselling and local government."

Dr Charlotte Jones, Associate Professor and Course Director

Alumni stories

An image of Deborah Gajic A photograph of Jon Winfield An image of Alan Barrett-Evans A photograph of Sue Adcock

Deborah Gajic, was part or the first ever 2+2 degree pathway cohort. After graduating, she went into teaching and became a Head of Department. She stated that the course really did change here life. Read her story here.

Jon Winfield, completed the 2+2 degree pathway in 2018. He has since studied an MA and is currently studying a PhD. He shared that he will never regret choosing to study the degree. Read his story here.

Alan Barrett-Evans, started the 2+2 degree at the age of 51 and had no idea what he was about to experience when he enrolled on the degree. Now he is a current PhD student at Warwick. Read his story here.

Sue Adcock, whose 2+2 journey came to an end in 2018, is now a level 3 Health and Social Care lecturer at the college where return to education. Read her story here.

Alumni videos


Emma Webb, completed the 2+2 degree in 2019 and is currently studying our MA in Career Development and Coaching Studies. In this video, she shares her plans for the future and what she has been up to since graduating.

In this video, Jon Winfield shares his favourite memory from his time on the 2+2 degree pathway.


Student stories

A photo of Matthew Long

Matthew Long, is a current second year student on the 2+2 degree pathway. He believes the first two years at a partner college have built his confidence, helped him forge new friendships and get back into the flow of education. Read Matthew's story here.

An image of Harriette Miller

Harriette Miller, a current finalist on the 2+2 degree pathway believes the degree gave her the opportunity to achieve her academic potential. Read Harriette's story here.

Staff stories

Dr Alan Dolan, completed the degree and is now an Associate Professor in Social Work at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Hear about his route into education here: