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CLL launches two free seminars open to the public; 'Analysing UK-EU Brexit Negotiations'

Brexit is the single biggest change in UK politics post-1945. Leaving the EU will affect every single aspect of UK public policy from agriculture and local development to foreign policy and international relations, and everything in between.

However, the specific impact of this change will be determined by the outcomes of the UK-EU negotiation process.

Dr Anil Awesti, from the Centre for Lifelong Learning is running a series of free open seminars that anybody can attend. These seminars will be on a range of topics at a level that is accessible to all.

The seminars will look to analyse the UK-EU Brexit Negotiations in real time, examining the UK’s historical relationship with the EU, the politics, personalities and process of leaving the EU, and key policies and issues that will be affected.

In doing so, the series aims to develop an understanding of current debates within the UK and of the UK’s place in contemporary European and global politics at this historic time.

These seminars are open to students and staff at Warwick as well as the general public and will be held in both October and November.

- Analysing UK-EU Brexit Negotiations, Thursday 25 October, 6-8pm, OC1.03, The Oculus

- Analysing UK-EU Brexit Negotiations, Thursday 29 November, 6-8pm, OC1.04, The Oculus

If you are interested, please follow this link for booking information.

Tue 09 Oct 2018, 13:25 | Tags: social studies Brexit Politics Sociology Europe EU UK 2+2