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Application form notes

Country of Permanent Residence

Please provide us with your current country of permanent residence. Your permanent residence is defined as a fixed location which classes as your main address.

Fee Status

Before you can submit your application to us, where applicable (not applicable for undergraduate), you will be required to pay an application assessment fee of £60. Once an application has been submitted, we are able to provide further guidance on your individual circumstances following the appropriate submission of relevant information. The basis on which Universities make decisions on fees classification is The Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007. We also follow the guidance contained in the UKCISA manual which is authorised to provide immigration advice and services by the Immigration Services Commissioner.

For information on the eligibility for Home Fees status, criteria required, and further information on fees, funding and student support please visit the UKCISA website at

Educational History

It is important that you provide us with full details of your educational history. This includes details of all schools, colleges, universities you have previously attended or are currently attending.

Qualification History

Please provide all academic and professional/training qualifications you have achieved to this point, including any qualifications that are currently in progress. Please ensure that you list the qualification type, subject and grade, awarding institution, and the date of award.

Personal Statement Tips

Most of the application form is self-explanatory and similar to a job application. The statement section/s are the part that can appear to be more daunting. Please note, on a number of our application forms, the personal statement cannot be saved therefore it is worth reading the tips below and pre-preparing your statement before submitting an application.

Here are some hints and tips on completing this aspect of the process:

1. Relax - this is not a measure of your academic ability. We want to get to know you as a person. The question gives hints on topic areas that you can write about. If you consider these individually, it breaks down the task to sentences or paragraphs. Rather than thinking about the number of words, you can now concentrate on 50 to 150 words per topic.

2. If you have read around any of the study areas, think about where you got the information from and whether there are any alternative views that you find interesting. Include these in your statement, making a note of the author, date and book or article that you are making reference to.

3. Read through the final draft of your statement and check for any spelling mistakes. If using a computer make sure that the spell check dictionary is set to English UK rather than English US.

Watch our video explaining the application process here at CLL.