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CE 944 Career, Work Experience and Employability

Module Leader: Wendy Pearson

Module running in 2020/21


This module enables students to understand the contribution of work experience to career development learning and employability. They will explore key concepts in these areas as they affect individual learners and also analyse different approaches available for educational institutions of deliver career development learning and support employability.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of theories of career development, learning and employability.
  • Describe ethics and values associated with career development and employability.
  • Critically evaluate and interpret the knowledge listed above in relation to own practice context.
  • Creatively apply and integrate the knowledge listed above in relation to own practice context
  • Present material in clear written form by identifying, analysing and applying key texts and practices using appropriate and adequate structure, spelling, grammar, syntax, length and referencing.

Outline Syllabus

  • Articulation of prior experience of career development and employability in relation to work experience.
  • Theories of learning and career development related to work experience.
  • Contrasting theoretical perspectives on employability and employability skills.
  • Exploring the relationships between educational institutions and labour markets.
  • The role of policy in provision of services for career development and employability.
  • Considering ethics and values in relation to career development and employability.
  • Contrasting curriculum-based and extra-curricular approaches to career development learning and employability within educational institutions

Summary of teaching

This module is blended learning consisting of 2 days of intensive, attendance-based workshops combined with some independent learning using on-line study materials, a module reading pack and tutorial support.

Module timing and duration

Usually, this module runs once a year. Participants are allowed 5 months to complete.

Summative Assessment

The assignment consists of a 5000 word project (100%). Participants are usually asked to complete a case study of an individual exploring their experiences of the key concepts of work experience, career and employability. They are also asked to complete a case study of an institution's approach to work experience and employability policy and practice.

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