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PG Awards Fees and Funding

PG AWARDS (PGAS) (2022/23 and 2023/24)

Students have up to one year to complete a PGA. In practice, since the PGA is made up of only one module, you are given 5 months to complete that module. This is the same length given to students also studying that module on the PGC, PGD, and MA.

Note that, for the PGA in Challenges of Careers Work in Higher Education, fees are made up of two components separately charged by the University of Warwick and AGCAS, our partner professional body for this collaborative programme area. You will therefore need to know the following in order to calculate fees:

  1. University fee status i.e. home/EU or international.
  2. AGCAS membership status i.e. full, partner, affiliate, student/retired affiliate, or non-member.
  3. The PGA you wish to take.

Further information about AGCAS
AGCAS provide more general information and latest detailed information on AGCAS-linked modules including dates. It is advisable to check and book courses with AGCAS at the earliest opportunity. This can help in planning a route through the selected programme.