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Student Profiles

Moragh, Relationship Manager. (Diploma in Coaching, route B, 2016/17)

"I chose this course for the mix of academic study and practical focus. The structure worked well as I live a long way away: four weekend visits to the university over the period of the course and time in between for reading, study and development of my own coaching practice. The more you put in in terms of study and practical coaching, the more you derive from the course, so it is important to be able to devote a lot of time over the five months.

I was prepared to be challenged and changed, and I was, indeed, far more than I could have imagined – and in a good way. The different perspectives and experiences brought to the course by fellow students, and the various lecturers and course leader were thought provoking. The environment created was supportive, where ideas, thinking and techniques could be practised. I’m just sorry it has ended so soon!"

Richard (Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, 2016/17)

"I was faced with delivering business change in a very traditional business and I had a short time scale to achieve real success. The coaching and mentoring certificate was of great assistance in preparing me and giving me the tools and skills to deliver successful business change in a positive and permanent way."

Lee, Certificate and Diploma in Coaching

This video was filmed in March 2016. All opinions expressed in the video are the student's own.


"There’s lots of different strategies and a lot of different thoughts about how best to do coaching and what’s been really good is we’ve had a flavour from all those… We look at all the coaching that’s out there and take what works for us as a coach."

“It really does take you on a complete whistle-stop tour of who are you as a coach, how are you influenced as a coach… It’s made me really stop and think about myself as a coach… It is quite a life-changing course to come on.”

"Having done short professional courses to enhance my knowledge and skills, a conversation with an educational colleague prompted me to explore postgraduate options. That was when I discovered the MA in Coaching and felt immediately like it had been designed specifically with me in mind."