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Summer Seminars

If you are joining or considering joining the Centre for Lifelong Learning in October and would like a taste of university teaching, join us for a summer seminar.

Each seminar will explore a different area of the social sciences, encouraging debate and engagement so you can understand how an academic seminar works. No prior knowledge or reading is needed, just enthusiasm for the subject. Seminars will be taught by academic staff who teach at the Centre.

These seminars are primarily designed for undergraduate students who will be studying at the Centre for the first time in October but if you are starting with us on a postgraduate course you are also welcome to get involved.

Each seminar will begin with light refreshments.

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How to find us

All sessions will take place in Westwood Teaching Centre, located on Westwood campus.

Westwood campus

Maps and directions can be found on our webpages.

Parking on campus is pay and display. Please ensure you have the correct change.

Alternatively, you can get to the campus by bus or train and a short walk.