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Partner colleges


Based in Coventry and surrounding areas, our local partner colleges have a story of their own.

Coventry College

the exterior of Coventry College

The 2+2 Degree Pathway is taught at the city campus which has fantastic facilities and state-of-the-art equipment located at the heart of Coventry. There is a Learning Hub where you can borrow books and use other practical and online resources. Coventry College also has a coffee shop, refectory and common room available for you to use outside of your studies.

Hear from our student

"Claire from the Learning Resource Centre is amazing! Sometimes you just need someone to sit down with you and show you how to do things. I got so much supprt here."

Patricia Dowling, 2+2 Social Studies

Coventry College Learning Hub

Learning Hub offers workshops and a dynamic forms of academic support to students.

A female student using laptop in front of a desktop computer in a classroom setting

Students enjoy learning with the support from both the College and also Warwick.

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College

the front of a NWSLC main building showcasing the exterior, the greenery and parking

The College, where you can study FdA Early Childhood, has great libraries to catch up on work, giving you access to books, computers, laptops and iPads. There are also additional study spaces across the campus, as well a coffee shop and refectory. Students have access to the college's own gym and florist and student's with children can make use of the WiseOwls nursery on campus.

Hear from our student

"The support received at NWSLC was brilliant. The lectures supported my individual learning needs which really helped me start to believe in myself, improve my academic writing along with support in the transition to Warwick University."

Anne-Marie Matthews, 2+2 Degree pathway, Early Childhood

a lecturer teaching in a classroom setting at NWSLC

Lecturers support students to make the most out of NWSLC and Warwick dual support.

a person sitting in front of their laptop at NWSLC library

NWSLC college has facilities and resources to support students with learning needs.