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CAS Guidance (Applying for your visa outside of the UK)

Section 2: About your CAS:

This CAS is only valid for study at The University of Warwick on the course specified.

It is not transferable and cannot be used to enter the United Kingdom in order to enrol at another institution, or on a programme other than the one listed.

The CAS you have just received will expire six months from the date it was assigned to the UKVI.

Student Immigration & Compliance team reserve the right to withdraw your CAS if it comes to our attention that you do not have the required documentation to support a successful visa application.

We will withdraw this CAS if it is:

Unused on/shortly after your course start date, or latest start date, if applicable; in line with the requirements of the UK Home Office


You have made a false declaration about your personal circumstances or course progression.

Section 3: When can you enter/ re-enter the UK:

If you are from outside of Europe:

When you apply for your Student visa, you will be asked to provide an 'intended travel date'.

Your will receive a visa vignette (single page sticker) in your passport.

You new vignette will be valid 7 days before your intended 'date of travel', up to 1 month before the 'course start date' as stated on your CAS.

You can enter on this visa at any point between its start and end date.

If you are from Europe (EU/EEA/Switzerland):

If you are from Europe and you have applied for your visa using a biometric passport, you will not receive a vignette on your passport.

You will receive a 'Digital Status' instead.

You must enter the UK during your validity of your Student Leave.

If you enter before your Student Leave begins, you will have entered the UK as a VISITOR, and will have to leave the Common Travel Area and re-enter the UK to activate your Student Leave.

Section 4: About your Student Visa application:

You can make your visa application up to 6 months prior to the ‘course start date’ on the CAS, outside of the UK, as specified on your CAS.

Please ensure that you allow enough time for your visa application to be processed, noting that visa processing times may vary depending on the country you are applying from and on your own individual circumstances.

The information contained in your CAS must be read in conjunction with the information on the Student Opportunity: Immigration & Compliance website:

Warwick | Student Immigration | Applying for a Student visa

Warwick | Student Immigration | Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

Warwick | Student Immigration | Money Required For Student visa Applications

You should use the exact information contained in the CAS when making your Student visa application


To make your UKVI application, please click on the following link, and use our ‘Application Guide’ when completing your application:

UOW | Student Immigration | Applying outside of the UK | Entry Clearance application guide

Section 5: Alternative location to collect BRP:

If you are applying for your Student visa outside of the UK, please use the following code in the ‘Alternative Location’ field in the BRP Collection Page of the Student visa application form:


This ensures your BRP card is sent to Warwick for collection instead of going to a Post Office.

Dependent applicants can also use this code.

Please also ensure that you read the guidance on the following link with regards to your BRP:

Warwick | Student Immigration | Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)

Section 6: Low risk nationals

If you are a low risk national, you are not required to submit financial evidence with your visa application. However, the UKVI can request to see any evidence, or, ask for additional evidence whilst considering your application.

This is because by submitting the online UKVI application form, you are declaring that you meet the application requirements

Therefore, you should ensure that you have copies of these available should you be asked, and they should meet the requirements as listed on our webpages.

Do not upload any documents which are not necessary though, as the caseworker will have to consider them if you upload them, and can refuse your application if the document does not meet the requirement.

Section 7: If you are invited to attend a 'credibility interview'

If the UKVI require you to attend a credibility interview, you will receive an email/letter after attending your appointment.

Please make us aware if you are asked to attend an interview.

Please then click on the following link and read through the guidance provided:

Section 8: Visa refusals:

If you receive an email/letter confirming that your visa has been refused or rejected, please contact us immediately.

Please then click on the following link and read through the guidance provided:

Section 9: Receiving the decision / your new BRP / collecting your BRP

You will receive a letter or an email from the UKVI/ visa application n - this will be sent to the email address you gave in your Application, ensure you have checked your spam or junk folder.

If you are a visa national, your nationality will be on the list on the following link:

GOV.UK | Immigration Rules | Appendix Visitor: Visa national listLink opens in a new window

If your nationality is not listed on the list on the link above, then you are classed as a non-visa national.

If you are not from Europe:

Non-EU students will have their passport endorsed with a travel vignette (full page sticker).

You must check this for any errors when you receive it.

Please click on the following link to see our guidance on how to do this:

Warwick | Student Immigration | Check and correct an error on your Student visa (or BRP) Link opens in a new window

If your course is over 6 months long, this will be a 90 day temporary travel vignette that will allow you to enter the UK and collect your BRP - you will not receive a BRP if your full course is up to 6 months long (from the original course start date to the expected course end date), and your vignette should match the dates on your UKVI Decision Email.

Your UKVI decision letter will advise you of where your BRP will be sent.

If you did not use Warwick's ACL Code, your BRP will be sent to a local post office.

You must visit the named post office within 10 days of your entry to the UK and attempt to collect your BRP.

If you are unable to collect your BRP, you should notify the UKVI and the Warwick BRP Team.

To notify the UKVI, click on the following link, scroll down to "Report a problem with collecting your BRP", read the guidance and click the "Report Now" button:

GOV.UK | Biometric residence permits (BRPs) | Getting your BRP if you applied from outside the UKLink opens in a new window

To notify the Warwick BRP Team, click on the following link, complete the online form and submit:

Warwick | Student Immigration | BRP Contact FormLink opens in a new window

When you receive your new BRP card, you need to check it for any errors.

It is important that you check it carefully, because for most errors, it can only be corrected if you submit the request within 14 days of receiving a decision.

Please click on the following link to see our guidance on how to do this:

Check and correct an error on your Student Visa (or BRP)

You will then need to upload a copy of your new BRP card so that we can update your immigration records.

Providing details of your new visa

If you are from Europe (EU/EEEA/Swiss nationals):

If you applied for your visa using a biometric passport, you will only receive a e-visa (a digital status).

You will not receive an endorsement in your passport, nor will you receive a BRP.

Section 10: Right to study:

Under the Student visa sponsor licence duties, it is a legal requirement that the University keeps a copy of your passport and visa, including your BRP card, confirming you have appropriate immigration permission to study here.

If you applied outside of the UK, you are required to provide to the University the following:

If you are not from Europe:

a clear copy of your UKVI decision email

a clear copy of your temporary travel vignette

a clear copy of your entry stamp

a clear copy of both sides of your BRP, within 10 days of your arrival in the UK, if you did not use our ACL Code in your application.

If you are from Europe:

a clear copy of your UKVI decision email

a clear copy of your UKVI share code PDF

a clear copy of your passport data page

a clear copy of your boarding pass that confirms that you entered the UK during your Student Leave validity.

To provide these to us, please click on the following link, complete the online form, and attach your documents:

Warwick | Student Immigration | Providing details of your current visa and/or passportLink opens in a new window

If you fail to do so, we may need withdraw our sponsorship and your registration at the University may be temporarily withdrawn, under the University Regulation 36.4 (2).

UOW | Reg. 36 Student Registration, Attendance and Progress

Section 11: Police registration

Some nationals are required to register with the police as a condition of their visa.

This condition will be listed on your UKVI Decision Email when you receive it - please ensure you have read and understood all the conditions listed within your decision email.

This will also be stated on your temporary travel vignette.

Please click on the following link and read the guidance provided with regards to Police Registration:


If, after reading the guidance above, and you are still unsure of what you should do next, please contact Student Immigration to discuss your situation via the following methods:

    Please click on the following links for more information

    University of Warwick:

    UK Government:

    Other contacts:

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