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Stage 2: Submit your application for a postgraduate research course

The following information details how to apply for most of our research courses. There are some exceptions - find out more about how to apply for Doctor of Business Administration.

Start your application

Apply for a research course online now through our application portal. You don’t need to complete your application all at once, you can start now and save for later.

In order to avoid delays in receiving a decision, you'll need to upload scanned copies of all relevant supporting documents before you submit your application. Further information as to which supporting documents we require can be found below.

Academic references

Be sure to include an email address for your referee(s) as we will contact them for you. We typically ask for two academic references for postgraduate research courses. Please refer to our guide for providing academic references.

Supporting documents

Once you start your application the online system will inform you as to which supporting documents we require. The following information should help you prepare for your application.

All applicants:

  • Transcripts from your university-level study (current or completed) including translations if not in English, and grading scale
  • Research proposal. Different academic departments request different things as far as a proposal and/or application is concerned, so it is important that you contact the department to find out any particular requirements before submitting your application. Find out more about research proposal requirements by department.

International applicants:

What happens next?

Find out more about what happens Stage 3: After you’ve applied, including information on how to check the status of your application or update your details using the application portal.