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Frequently Asked Questions about Bursaries

The University offers a range of scholarships, bursaries and tuition fee discounts. All of these are non-repayable and are intended to assist students in meeting the costs of their course, their living expenses or both.

In addition to this, there is hardship funding available for students who find themselves struggling financially. This may be offered as a short-term loan or as non-repayable grant.

Bursaries are sometimes available to enable students to participate in opportunities such as work experience, internships, study abroad or field trips.

The terminology can be confusing, but scholarships and bursaries are both types of financial support for students. Some have to be applied for, others are awarded based on information provided on enrolment or application.

Scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of competitive academic merit or other achievements (such as sport, music), or financial need. Scholarships usually cover full or partial payment of tuition fees or living costs. Bursaries are normally awarded on the basis of a student’s personal circumstances, for example their family income. Bursaries often help with course-related costs.

Most scholarships and bursaries are limited in number and have specific eligibility criteria. If you have to apply, it is likely that the award is competitive.

A bursary is non-repayable financial support that usually takes into account personal circumstances. Bursaries are intended to help students cover costs associated with their studies and/or living costs whilst in higher education. Often bursaries are awarded at different rates depending on household income, so students may receive more or less than someone else in receipt of the same bursary.

At Warwick, most Undergraduate bursaries are awarded to students based on the information shared with the University by Student Finance England or by the student themselves. If you think you are eligible for a bursary, you can check with our Student Funding team.

Please note that a number of departments at Warwick offer bursaries for PGT students on the basis of nationality or domicile.

Eligibility for the Warwick Undergraduate Bursary or Warwick Scholars Bursary will be checked when we receive information about your circumstances from Student Finance England at the start of the academic year. If your circumstances change during the year, it is important that you notify Student Finance England so that they and the University can reassess your eligibility for financial support.

Bursaries are usually split into three instalments and paid termly directly into your bank account toward the beginning of each term. Please note that some of the academic departments with bursaries for international students offer credits towards tuition fees.

Postgraduate Research (PGR) Stipends are paid monthly (unless in exceptional circumstances).

A tuition fee waiver or discount will reduce the amount you have to pay toward your tuition fees. Some awards will cover your fees in full, others reduce your fees and the remainder has to be paid in instalments during your studies, unless you have taken out a student loan to cover your fees.

The University will let you know if you have been awarded a tuition fee waiver or discount and will confirm any amount still required from you to cover the balance.

If you are taking out a loan with Student Finance England to cover your tuition fees, the University will let them know if you have been awarded a discount or waiver so that the loan amount matches the sum still to be paid.

If you have a question

We hope that you should be able to find all the information you need about the scholarships available at Warwick, but if you still have a question please contact our Student Funding team.

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“Being awarded a scholarship from one of the top universities in the UK is a feeling like no other. For me, it was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication in building my profile. To be recognized by an institution at the calibre of Warwick felt extremely amazing, and I am grateful that the scholarships team awarded me the scholarship.”

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