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Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

The University offers a range of scholarships, bursaries and tuition fee discounts. All of these are non-repayable and are intended to assist students in meeting the costs of their course, their living expenses or both.

We have a Scholarship Search Tool which you can find here.

In addition to this, there is hardship funding available for students who find themselves struggling financially. This may be offered as a short-term loan or as non-repayable grant.

Bursaries are sometimes available to enable students to participate in opportunities such as work experience, internships, study abroad or field trips.

The terminology can be confusing, but scholarships and bursaries are both types of financial support for students. Some have to be applied for, others are awarded based on information provided on enrolment or application.

Scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of competitive academic merit or other achievements (such as sport, music), or financial need. Scholarships usually cover full or partial payment of tuition fees or living costs. Bursaries are normally awarded on the basis of a student’s personal circumstances, for example their family income. Bursaries often help with course-related costs.

Most scholarships and bursaries are limited in number and have specific eligibility criteria. If you have to apply, it is likely that the award is competitive.

A scholarship is a competitive award of non-repayable financial support given to students who meet certain criteria.

Some scholarships for international students are designed to cover tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs, others are a partial award offered as a tuition fee discount. A tuition fee waiver or discount will reduce the amount you have to pay toward your tuition fees. Some awards will cover your fees in full, others reduce your fees and the remainder has to be paid in instalments during your studies, unless you have taken out a student loan to cover your fees.

Warwick offers 20 full tuition fee scholarships for international undergraduate students each year.

As a University of Sanctuary, Warwick also offers a small number of Sanctuary Scholarships each year for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

International students may also want to explore funding opportunities provided by the government or associations within their home country.

Warwick has a variety of scholarship programmes open to international students covering all levels of study. Some are open to students from all academic disciplines and some are subject specific.

Information on how to apply will be listed on each scholarship entry under ‘How to apply’.

Each scholarship will have its own application process and requirements which will be stated in the details. Typically, you will be asked to write an essay style response to questions about your experience, achievements and ambitions.

If a scholarship is specifically to support students in financial need, evidence of financial disadvantage may be required.

Some scholarship competitions involve an interview with the funding body or their representatives.

You can apply for multiple awards but if you are offered more than one Warwick funded scholarship at Undergraduate level, the one with the highest financial value will be granted. If you are offered more than one funded scholarship at Postgraduate level, it will be your choice as to the scholarship to accept (not always the highest value).

Where scholarships offer funding for different things, e.g. one is applied to tuition fees and another is a contribution to living expenses, it may be possible to hold two scholarships simultaneously.

The deadline to apply for each scholarship varies. You can find further information on each scholarship entry under ‘Award Detail'.

The date that scholarship results are released varies and will be stated on each scholarship entry. Please note that some schemes are on-going.

Please refer to each scholarship entry for contact details if you have a query.

If you have a question

We hope that you should be able to find all the information you need about the scholarships available at Warwick, but if you still have a question please contact our scholarships team.

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Greg standing outside Warwick Business School.

“Being awarded a scholarship from one of the top universities in the UK is a feeling like no other. For me, it was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication in building my profile. To be recognized by an institution at the calibre of Warwick felt extremely amazing, and I am grateful that the scholarships team awarded me the scholarship.”

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