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AWARDS - Access to Warwick Degrees


Please only use this form if you have very particular circumstances that have affected your educational performance that were not known or taken into consideration by your school or awarding body when awarding your grades.

This form should not be used to submit information in relation to general educational disruption or changes to examinations as a consequence of COVID-19.

All submissions must be received by 25 June

What is the AWARDS form?

Warwick understands that occasionally your academic progress and attainment may be impacted upon by circumstances which are beyond your control. The AWARDS form enables you to inform us of any additional information which you would like us to take into account when considering your UCAS application at the point of offer. Circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

- Bereavement

- Ill health

- Domestic or social difficulties

If you are uncertain about whether or not to submit an AWARDS form, please contact us for advice by emailing ugadmissions at warwick dot ac dot uk

How will the University of Warwick use the AWARDS form?

We will take note that an AWARDS form has been submitted when assessing your application.

The information contained within the AWARDS form will be treated in confidence, and only shared with the necessary members of the Undergraduate Admissions Team and Academic Departments, for the purposes of making a decision on your application. We will not share the information in your form with any other third party without prior permission from you.

In the AWARDS form we ask for details of a third party whom we can contact regarding the information you have submitted. Depending on the circumstances you have mentioned this could be a teacher, medical professional, social worker etc., but we ask that you do not name friends or relatives as referees. If the nature of your circumstances is highly confidential, and as such only close friends or relatives are aware, please let us know prior to submitting an AWARDS form so we can advise you further.

How do I submit an AWARDS form?

You should submit an AWARDS form at the same time as you submit your UCAS application to us. Receiving the form promptly will enable the information contained within it to be taken into account when considering your application.

You can download a copy of the AWARDS form here.

How do I inform the University about mitigating circumstances after I have received an offer?

If you become ill before or during your examinations, or you face any other serious difficulties during the examination period please let us know, ideally via a letter from your school or college to the Undergraduate Admissions Team. However, if an exam board makes allowances for extenuating circumstances in the grade(s) awarded to you, it is unlikely that further allowances will be made by Warwick.