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Meet our Fellows

WIE Fellow Celebration event 2nd March 2022: The WIE Team, Fellows, Regional Fellows, Stuart Croft (Vice Chancellor), Rachel Sandby-Thomas (Registrar), Chris Ennew (Provost), Chris Hughes (PVC for Education), Simon Swain (Vice-President for National and Regional Engagement)

When we launched the Institute, we originally set out to find 30 Foundation Fellows. We were overjoyed to surpass this due to the number and calibre of the applications we received and therefore appointed almost 100 of the applicants. In 2022 the family grows bigger as we welcome a further 50 fellows! The fellowship is composed of:

  • WIE Regional Fellows, who have been selected from across Coventry and Warwickshire to help us build and strengthen links into the region. We will also benefit from the expertise and knowledge they will feed into the Institute.
  • WIE Honorary Fellows, who help us build long-term strategic relationships across the University. The positions aren't time limited and we really look forward to building on these partnerships. You can't apply to be an honorary fellow.
  • WIE Foundation Fellows, were instrumental in the launch of WIE and helped us build the fellowship in its first year of activity. They are joined by our new fellows, appointed in 2022 and together they are key to driving the work of the Institute forward over their respective two year terms. Applications are opened yearly to apply to be a fellow.
  • WIE Associate Fellows, who make up the Institute’s wider support network and contribute to the work of the Learning Circles. They're also appointed for two years.

As of 2022, the WIE fellowship is composed of 35 WIE Foundation Fellows and 22 Fellows, 41 WIE Honorary Fellows and 36 WIE Associate Fellows, 12 WIE Regional Fellows.

With the support of our fantastic fellows WIE seeks to be a truly interdisciplinary hub for the whole university. All are welcome to discuss their approaches, exchange ideas, seek support and work together to create exciting new engagement opportunities for staff and students.

What do Fellows do?

The Fellows form a critical part of the Institute's work in four main areas:

  1. Participate in Institute Learning Circles focused around key issues in the field of engagement and on the place of engagement at Warwick.
  2. Be part of, and help promote, a new network across the University of those interested in engagement, which will share best practice and expertise, as well as provide a voice for the importance of engagement within the student body, Departments and Faculties.
  3. Take part in major engagement events through the year with regional and national partners.
  4. Acting as champions for WIE, maintaining an awareness of the work of the institute and the support it offers and signposting colleagues seeking support to it.

The Learning Circles will be places for open discussion and deliberation, as well as the formation of ideas and recommendations for action. We see the Foundation Fellows and the Learning Circles as very much the beating heart of the Institute and of public engagement across the University.

Benefits of Fellowship
  • Academic colleagues are able to use Fellowship as evidence of their Impact/ Outreach/ Engagement work as part of their promotions application. (Visit the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window for more information on this)
  • Excellent addition to your CV for student applicants
  • The chance to contribute strategically to Warwick’s vision for Engagement
  • A great networking opportunity to meet colleagues from around the university from a variety of backgrounds
How can I become a Fellow?

WIE Fellowships and Associate Fellowships are awarded for a period of two years. Please join our WIE Network to be the first to hear about our next call, as well information about other ways you can be involved. You can also get in touch if you have ideas and input for any of the Learning Circles/ the work of the institute.