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A love worthy of the spotlight

When Jo Walker (BA Theatre and Performance Studies, 2020) first met Vikram Grover (BA English and Theatre Studies, 2021) it was their mutual love of the theatre and performance that built a firm friendship. Working to establish BAME Creatives, a society dedicated to diversifying theatre at Warwick, they found themselves falling in love. Four years later they’ re still together and working in an industry that came to life through their time at Warwick.

Thu 27 Apr 2023, 10:30 | Tags: Faculty of Arts English Alumni profile Theatre

Letting creativity lead the way

BA English and Theatre Studies alumna Vinitaraj Aulak may have only graduated in 2021, but she wasted no time chasing her dreams and securing a radio presenter role on BBC Asian Network. Here she shares how her undergraduate degree taught her to break the mould and follow her passions.

Thu 09 Feb 2023, 13:27 | Tags: Faculty of Arts English Alumni profile Theatre

Making theatre more inclusive

For more than 25 years, Charles Wiltshire (BEd Learning Difficulties, 1986) has worked in theatres as an audio describer. Here, he explains how he found this career path and why it means so much to him.

Tue 13 Dec 2022, 12:40 | Tags: Alumni profile Faculty of Social Sciences Theatre

Overcoming adversity

From combat to craftsmanship and opera to Oscars, Greg Campbell (BA Theatre Studies, 1987) has spent many years of his life in the creative arts. Since then, he’s completed a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE), two masters’ degrees and is underway with an Education PhD. But it was only when he received his ADHD diagnosis that the world – and his struggles as an undergraduate - began to make more sense.

Tue 13 Dec 2022, 09:25 | Tags: Faculty of Arts Alumni profile Theatre

Showcasing those without a voice

Theatre Director Ali Pidsley (BA English and Theatre Studies, 2014; MA English Literature, 2016) shares how Warwick inspired him to set up a different kind of theatre company.

Thu 20 Oct 2022, 10:30 | Tags: Faculty of Arts Alumni profile Theatre

Dean Murphy

Theatre Performance Studies graduate, Dean Murphy discusses his career journey since leaving Warwick

Wed 25 May 2022, 21:00 | Tags: Faculty of Arts Alumni profile Undergraduate Theatre

Ben Spiller

As artistic director and producer of the award-winning 1623 theatre company, alumnus Ben Spiller uses Shakespeare and theatre to engage communities, champion diversity and support social justice.

Ben’s love of the theatre blossomed at Warwick, where he became president of the award-winning Warwick University Drama Society (WUDS), acting in and directing productions at Warwick Arts Centre and beyond including the National Student Drama Festival.

Ben explained what motivates him to inspire, surprise and affect people through the power of Shakespeare.

Wed 20 Apr 2022, 09:50 | Tags: Alumni profile Undergraduate Theatre

Spotlight on: Jo Walker

Recent graduate Jo Walker (BA Theatre and Performance Studies, 2020) is busy producing original plays and short films with black female empowerment at her core.

Wed 13 Oct 2021, 13:45 | Tags: Faculty of Arts Alumni profile Theatre

Theatre and Performance Studies Student Prizes for 2021

2020/21 has been a particularly challenging year, and we are so proud of all of our students who have made it through this year - particularly those who are graduating.


In particular, we are delighted to mark the contributions and successes of this year’s winners of the Theatre and Performance Studies prizes

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 10:01 | Tags: Student profile Alumni profile Undergraduate Theatre