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Our Research Impact in Classics

Classics at Warwick

We are a centre of excellence in research into ancient visual and material culture and one of Europe's strongest numismatic research hubs, a strength formally recognised in REF 2014.

Our international reputation rests on innovative research that encompasses all major aspects of the discipline. Our research focuses on three interlinked research clusters - Ancient Material and Visual Culture, Ancient Literature and Thought and Medical Humanities – exploring research areas ranging from religion and philosophy, to architecture and poetry in the ancient world.

Our research has shaped public understanding of the ancient world through broadcasts, journalism and work with museums. The Warwick Classics Network (WCN) has widened participation in Classics, promoting and supporting the teaching of Classics in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond.

Discover how Classics at Warwick is unlocking ancient wisdom for the modern age.

What is research impact?

Discover the positive difference we make to the world by putting our research into practice


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The Ancient Greek World: Then and Now

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