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Plebs is an award winning, BAFTA nominated British comedy series about three regular guys in Ancient Rome, trying to make it through life and getting into all sorts of situations. With five seasons and 30 minute episodes starring Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry, Ryan Sampson and Doon Mackichan, as well as a range of guest stars, this show is a great watch for fans of classic British humour. A change in direction meant a slight decline in later seasons, and the shown was not renewed for a sixth season, however this should not detract from the gold of the original seasons.

Historical accuracy is not a priority in this series, as much of the comedy comes from anachronisms and the clash of modern-styled characters and behaviours in an ancient environment. The writers have never claimed to be attempting anything with educational value. Despite this, much of the production is fairly accurate to 27BCE Rome, when the show is set. The plot doesn’t focus on any key historical events, but each episode explores different aspects of the stereotypical Roman life, with a respectable degree of accuracy.

The easy-going entertainment of Plebs makes this an ideal show for binging or background watching. If you’re looking for a lighthearted and brazen comedy along the lines of The Inbetweeners but with a twist, Plebs is definitely worth a watch.

Accuracy: 2/5

Entertainment: 4/5

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