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Prehistoric Britain

Britain is a land of invasions. Over the course of its history these islands were repeatedly visited by members of our own species and some of our forebears. Members of the genus homo came and went, so that no one can claim to be anything other than an immigrant: we are all from somewhere else at the end of the day. What is more, the cultural landscape of Britain was always one of sharing ideas and embracing the new, with immigrant cultures bringing successive developments and cultural institutions.

In this section on Prehistoric Britain (by Prehistoric we really mean before written history, and so in our case before the coming of the Romans with their written Latin), we will examine the successive immigrations that make up the story of people in Britain. We will look at how Britain was populated - and by who - from the Palaeolithic (old stone age) through to the Iron Age (the age which preceded the coming of the Romans). Examples will be taken from fossil and archaeological evidence from Warwickshire wherever possible, so we can get an idea of what was going on under our very feet hundreds of thousands of years before the present.

The pages in this section, with a brief look at human evolution, will detail the human history of Britain and Warwickshire during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, telling the story of humans in Britain until the coming of the Romans.