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Usinge the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project Resources

Welcome to the Resource hub of the WCN Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project!

These teaching resources have been developed by Dr Paul Grigsby alongside Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of the University of Warwick for the teaching of Roman Britain at KS2 and KS3, and for enrichment at any level. The resources can be used in class or as homework activities and are structured to be flexible and fit your school's particular requirements. Our aim is to provide an overview of Prehistoric and Roman Britain with an emphasis on Roman Coventry and Warwickshire - the ancient world beneath your pupils' feet. This local emphasis will bring this lost world to life for your pupils, and we hope that they enjoy it.

We are grateful for the generous support of the Classical Association and the University of Warwick Arts Impact Fund, without which these resources would not be possible.

Sign up to the Roman Coventry Project for Specialist Advice and FREE Extra Material

These resources are FREE to use and comprehensive in themselves. However, if you sign up to the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project, you will receive in addition:

  • One to one advice from Dr Paul Grigsby on using this course and creating a bespoke course to suit your teaching needs
  • Access to extra material including eligibility for FREE online and in-person sessions with Warwick staff and students
  • Eligibility to receive our Traveling Artefact session boxes in your school
  • Eligibility to take part in our Creative Coventry competition for prizes of up to £500 for your school

All that we ask from those that sign up is to give us some feedback on how you are using the project in your classroom so that we can continue to improve and develop these resources. To sign up to the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project simply email Dr Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk

How to use these Resources

These resources are designed to be flexible and to be used in whatever way suits individual schools and teachers. The course comprises a number of separate (and overlapping) elements which can be used to create bespoke lessons and entire courses on Roman Britain. How you engage with the project is up to you, but there are three main elements of the Project resources (with some overlap) as outlined below.

Complete Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Teachers' Course

Our teaching materials have been combined into a single course on Roman Coventry and Warwickshire covering the history of people in Warwickshire from the Prehistoric through to the coming of the Romans. This will be of use to those teaching Romans at KS3 or above as part of an enrichment course. These materials can also be adapted for KS2 Romans (additional KS2 resources are in the pipeline).

Resources include teaching notes, handouts, exercises, ideas for projects and discussions, as well as PowerPoints and (coming soon) videos.

Travelling Artefact Lessons

With the help of Warwick Manufacturing Group, real Roman artefacts from local museums such as the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, and Warwickshire Museum in Warwick, have been laser scanned and photographed to create full 3D online models for use in class or homework activities. Some of these artefacts will be printed using a 3D printer and will form part of our 'Travelling Museum' collections - these are collections of artefacts which can be loaned to schools who have signed up to the Roman Coventry Project and which will contain real Roman artefacts with ready-made lessons. Sessions led by by our Warwick staff and/or students will also be available (online or in the classroom) to schools who sign up to the project.

To sign up to the Roman Coventry Project email Dr Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk

Individual Key Topics Webpages

The website resources include information on each topic to accompany lessons and acting as an online textbook for further work. Pupils and teachers can use these pages to undertake more detailed research, and there will be scope for pupils' work to be added to the website. Teachers are free to use and adapt any of the material found on the webpages. If you want to discuss how your pupils can develop projects based on the website material and on getting your students' work posted on the website, email Dr Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Creative Coventry

Those schools who sign up to the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project will be eligible to take part in our Creative Coventry initiative with the possibility of winning £500 for your school to spend on visits to Museums or Lunt Roman Fort, or for books for your school library. We would like to thank The Classical Association for their generosity in funding these prizes.

We are very excited to see how the children of Coventry react to this project and will be awarding prizes to the pupils and schools with the most enthusiastic and creative response. We do not know which elements of Coventry's Roman past will fire their imaginations, and every child and school are free to create in whatever way they wish. Does your school want to design a mosaic, or will your pupils paint or write poetry or even produce drama about their distant past?

The creative responses from 2020/2021 have been posted on our site here and these and upcoming creations will form an integral part of this project over the coming years. This year, the pieces of art created by Blue Coat School have been placed on display at Lunt Roman Fort.

To sign up to the Roman Coventry Project simply email Dr Paul Grigsby at