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Using the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project Resources

Welcome to the Resource hub of the WCN Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project!

These teaching resources have been developed by Dr Paul Grigsby alongside Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of the University of Warwick for the teaching of Roman Britain at KS2 and KS3, and for enrichment at any level. The resources can be used in class or as homework activities and are structured to be flexible and fit your school's particular requirements. Our aim is to provide an overview of Prehistoric and Roman Britain with an emphasis on Roman Coventry and Warwickshire - the ancient world beneath your pupils' feet. This local emphasis will bring this lost world to life for your pupils, and we hope that they enjoy it. Unless otherwise stated, the information on this site has been taken from open access sites and has been checked for accuracy, but if you have any concerns or suggestions please contact Dr Paul Grigsby via this Feedback Form.

We are grateful for the generous support of the Classical Association and the University of Warwick Arts Impact Fund, without which these resources would not be possible.

Get in touch to access extra material, support and other special opportunities

Paul Grigsby

We are interested in fostering the teaching of Classics and Ancient History in the local area. In addition to these free resources, we also have a number of opportunities for local schools interested in adding some Classics to their curriculum. These include:

  • Access to special events and CPDs

If you are interested in any of these, please contact Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk.

How to use these Resources

These resources are designed to be flexible and to be used in whatever way suits individual schools and teachers. The course comprises a number of separate (and overlapping) elements which can be used to create bespoke lessons and entire courses on Roman Britain. How you engage with the project is up to you, but there are three main elements of the Project resources (with some overlap) as outlined below.

Individual Key Topics Webpages

The website resources include information on each topic to accompany lessons and acting as an online textbook for further work. Pupils and teachers can use these pages to undertake more detailed research. Teachers are free to use and adapt any of the material found on the webpages.

Complete Downloadable Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Teachers' Course

Our teaching materials have been combined into a single course on Roman Coventry and Warwickshire covering the history of people in Warwickshire from the Prehistoric through to the coming of the Romans. This will be of use to those teaching Romans at KS3 or above as part of an enrichment course. These materials can also be adapted for KS2 Romans (additional KS2 resources are in the pipeline). Resources include teaching notes, handouts, exercises, ideas for projects and discussions, as well as PowerPoints.

Travelling Museum Lessons

Our 'Travelling Museum' lessons are sessions which include real artefacts from our Warwick collection, and 3D printed copies of artefacts from Lunt Roman Fort. The sessions can be loaned to schools who have signed up to the Roman Coventry Project or brought to schools by our Warwick students. Sessions include life in the Roman World and our Roman Time Capsules. Other available sessions include some on Roman Cookery. If you are interested in these sessions, please email Dr Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk.