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Secondary Reading and Digital Resources


Filmed productions, TV/film adaptations

Audio recordings, radio productions


Greek Tragedy

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Lope de Vega and Calderón

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Modern Drama

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European Theatre student Daisy Ingrey's translation (pdf).

MLA citation:
Wedekind, Frank. Spring Awakening. Translated by Daisy Ingrey. 2021. PDF file.


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Filmed productions, TV/film adaptations

The Oresteia, dir. Peter Hall, National Theatre, 1983:

Oedipus, dir. Steven Berkoff, Nottingham Playhouse, 2011:

Oedipus the King, dir. Don Taylor, BBC, 1986:

King Oedipus, dir. Alan Bridges, trans. E.F. Watling, BBC, 1972:

Oedipus the King, dir. Philip Savile, 1968:

Oedipus Rex, dir. Tyrone Guthrie, trans. W. B. Yeats, Stratford Shakespearean festival, 1957:

Antigone, dir. Ivo van Hove, trans. Anne Carson, Barbican Theatre, 2015 (starring Juliette Binoche):

Antigone, dir. Don Taylor, trans. Don Taylor, BBC, 1986 (starring Juliet Stevenson):

Antigone, dir. Gerald Freedman, version by Jean Anouilh, Broadway Theater Archive, 1974 (starring Genevieve Bujold):

Antigone, dir. Polly Findlay, trans. Don Taylor, National Theatre, 2012 (starring Jodie Whitaker):

Dionysus in 69 (The Bacchae), dir. Brian De Palma and Richard Schechner, The Performance Group, 1970:

The Bacchae (in Greek, no subtitles), dir. Aris Biniaris, Onassis Stegi Main Stage, 2018:

Frogs, dir. Kelsi Russell, Warwick Classics Society, 2019: and accompanying lecture by Prof. Michael Scott (University of Warwick):

Act 2, Scene 4 from The Spanish Tragedy, dir. James Wallace, Illuminations Media, 2015:

Lecture on The Spanish Tragedy by Prof. Emma Smith (University of Oxford):

Tartuffe, dir. Bill Alexander, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1983:

Phèdre, dir. Nicholas Hytner, National Theatre, 2009, starring Helen Mirren [paid only]:

Phèdre (in French), dir. Pierre Jourdan, 1968:

Hedda, dir. Don Boyd, Palimpsest, 2015 (immersive production):

Hedda Gabler, dir. Deborah Warner, BBC, 1993 (based on the 1991 Abbey Theatre, Dublin production, starring Fiona Shaw): and

Hedda Gabler, dir. David Cunliffe, 1981 (starring Diana Rigg):

Hedda Gabler, dir. Waris Hussein, 1974 (starring Janet Suzman):

Hedda Gabler, dir. Alex Segal, 1962 (starring Ingrid Bergman):

The Seagull (in Russian, with English subtitles), dir. Yury Butusov, Stage Russia, 2019:

The Seagull, dir. Michael Mayer, 2018 (starring Saoirse Ronan, Annette Bening, Elizabeth Moss): [NB this is not free to access]

The Seagull, dir. Michael Lindsay-Hogg, BBC, 1978 (starring Michael Gambon):

The Seagull, dir. Nikos Psacharopoulos, 1975 (starring Frank Langella, Blythe Danner):

Miss Julie, dir. Liv Ullmann, 2014 (starring Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell): [NB this is not free to access]

Miss Julie, dir. Mike Figgis, 1999 (starring Saffron Burrows and Peter Mullan):

Miss Julie, dir. Michael Simpson, BBC, 1987 (starring Janet McTeer and Patrick Malahide): and

Miss Julie, dir. John Glenister & Robin Phillips, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1972 (starring Helen Mirren):

After Miss Julie, directed and written by Patrick Marber, BBC, 1995 (a reimagining of Miss Julie relocated to England in 1945 on the night of Churchill's election defeat):

South African Strindberg: Mies Julie at the Edinburgh festival, 2012 (short documentary about an adaptation shifting the action of the play to modern-day South Africa):

See Hear: Spring Awakening on Broadway, BBC, 2016 (documentary about an American Sign Language production of the musical adaptation):

Spring Awakening: various bootleg recordings of the musical adaptation are available on YouTube!

Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo, dir. Joseph Losey, The American Film Theater, 1975:

Yerma, directed and adapted by Simon Stone, Young Vic Theatre, 2017 (starring Billie Piper in an updated loose adaptation of Lorca’s play):

Endgame, dir. Conor McPherson, Beckett on Film, 2000 (starring David Thewlis and Michael Gambon):

Endgame, dir. Tony Coe, 1989 (starring Norman Beaton and Stephen Rea):

Audio recordings, radio productions

Oedipus the King, Drama on 3, BBC, 2019:

Oedipus the King, LA Theatre Works, 2003:

Antigone, LA Theatre Works, 2005:

Tartuffe, Drama on 3, BBC, 2016:

Tartuffe, LA Theatre Works, 2010: and

Hedda Gabler, BBC Radio 4, 2013, directed by Psyche Stott from the Old Vic production starring Sheridan Smith:

The Seagull, LA Theatre Works, 2012: and

The Seagull, Drama on 3, BBC, 2010:

The Seagull, BBC Radio 4, 1993:

Miss Julie, BBC Radio 4, 2017:

Yerma, Drama on 3, BBC, 2014:

The Skriker, Drama on 3, BBC, 2016:

Art, LA Theatre Works, 2009: and